COVID-19: UK considers scrapping green and amber lists for international travel


Britain is said to be considering a shake-up of international travel rules. Reports suggest the “traffic light system” could be scrapped. The change would allow travellers to visit and return without having to serve quarantine as long as they have visited countries with similar vaccination levels as the UK.

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Date: September 11, 2021

13 thoughts on “COVID-19: UK considers scrapping green and amber lists for international travel

  1. Denmark will no longer consider Covid-19 a “socially critical disease.” It will drop all Covid restrictions as of Sept. 10. Singapore and other leading nations should follow Scandinavian countries to get rid of covid. Once people get active, their immunization level automatically go up and will give a boost against covid or any others SARS virus.
    p.s. Take this time to respect those who suffered.

  2. nonsense. variants are coming in anyway uk has the highest infection level. when will Africa ever get the vaccination levels of uk. so never open up travel there what crap

  3. It is amazing how , when the government push for vaccination in a certain age group, shortly after cases suddenly rise in that group.Why didnt cases rise,or even happen pre-vaccine in under 16s?

  4. "Two weeks to flatten the curve" became "show me your papers" pretty quick. Do you know that in Israel if you don´t have the third booster jab you are considered unvaccinated and you lose the health pass? Virus czar Salman Zarka from Israel even calls to begin readying for eventual 4th vaccine dose. In addition to vaccines, 2 pills a day have Pfizer prepared for us for the near future. All the lies of the vaccines are beginning to unravel. In Israel. Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, spoke with Chanel 13. He states that: 95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. 85-90% of hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people. We are opening more and more COVID rooms. The effectiveness of the vaccine is decreasing/disappearing. On the other hand, 12 of the 13 countries on the Johns Hopkins list of the most vaccinated are currently included in the CDC list as a 'high' or 'very high' COVID-19 travel risk, USA included. THE TIMES OF ISRAEL – Report: 14 Israelis have contracted COVID-19 despite receiving a booster vaccine Data from the Ministry of Internal Health shows that 14 Israelis were infected with COVID-19 a week after receiving a booster vaccine, reports Channel 12. Enjoy your useless and endless vaccines, In addition to Israel in Singapore, 75% of the new cases are of fully vaccinated people. In England figures from Public Health England say that 55% of people hospitalized with the delta variant were not vaccinated, while almost 35% had received two doses of a vaccine. Iceland, where practically all adults are vaccinated, records new records of new Covid19 infections, the majority among those fully vaccinated. As of June 1, more than 99% of the Gibraltar population had been fully vaccinated. Since then, new COVID cases per day have increased more than 2,500%.

  5. Here’s how they crushed Mayor Sobyanin’s vaccine passport – and it was pretty simple. Moscow residents simply stopped frequenting any business that required a vaccine passport.

    The really beautiful thing about this was that the vaccinated people stood in solidarity with the unvaccinated. Business trickled to near zero at all establishments where the vaccine passport was required.

    Moscow residents let their hair grow out, skipped going to bars and restaurants, didn’t go to the movies, didn’t stay in hotels or do anything else that required a vaccine passport.

    Business owners from all over the city were suddenly calling Mayor Sobyanin’s office to chew his ear off about the vaccine passports. They were going broke, and they were mad as hell about it.

  6. It will be a continuous relaxing and tightening until we becomes transhumanized with nanoparticles and coded genome deposits.

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