Covid causes new environmental dilemma for India’s Ganges River – BBC News


Concerns about the health of the Ganges river in India have existed for some time. Now, Covid is presenting a new environmental crisis for the country’s most important water source.

During the second wave of the pandemic, hundreds of bodies have been buried in shallow graves along the banks of the river, near Prayagraj (also known as Allahabad) in northern India.

With the monsoon season about to hit, it is feared that many of these bodies will end up in the river, polluting it even further.

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Date: October 4, 2021

34 thoughts on “Covid causes new environmental dilemma for India’s Ganges River – BBC News

  1. Most disgusting polluted river and yet it’s sacred but not enough to stop destroying it their sewage goes in then they drink and wash in it seriously people stop and think

  2. What a truly disgusting country and way of life. I'd shoot myself in the head if I was reborn an Indian god by the way they treat them.

  3. It's about time indian Government cleaned india up so dirty it's surprising they didn't die of deadly disease long ago. Maybe if they was cleaner it might help. When I visited India I couldn't find any antibacterial spray anywhere. Toilets were the worst you ever seen better to go behind a Bush.Even the hospitals were filthy the disgusting urine smell from the toilets nearly knocked you out. Cows/rubbish all over the roads. I didn't imagine it would be that dirty. Government needs to help with pollution/rubbish problems they have…

  4. Such a shame we don't follow what we preach.

    Banaras is a Holy City.
    Garbage on the streets

    Ganga ji is our Holy river.
    Heavly Polluted.

    We don't kill cows and treat them like Mother.
    Cows are roaming on the streets, eating polythene bags and garbage

  5. I wonder, Do they see this kind of news in India?
    I wonder, Do they show this kind of news on national TV of how polluted the river is…?
    I wonder, how does the mother teach or tell her kids about cleanliness, hygienic..or.. about dirty, germs, disease..??
    So cleaning the river must be done but it is not the only priority.

  6. Campaigns, policies, laws, regulations. Blah blah blah. 5 years from now the river will be where it was today. nothing will ever get done

  7. ❤ Gangas is the most Sacred river of India . Which comes out of the Himalayas and joins the sea of bay of Bengal through 7 states but due to the neglect of the government .the gangas river has become polluted today which i regret.😪😪
    ❤ Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  8. In India politicians are selected based on religion cast family background and not on merit and education and right candidate someone who can improve things

  9. The people who work for BBC in India, if you are that cared of environment and social lives come forward and give hand to hand in saving lives, don’t use media to make news or so called TRP ratings. I have never seen an single clip from BBC supporting mother 🇮🇳 India. India is 1.3 billion populated country, 21% of its people got vaccinated till date and it is the 2nd in the world to give those many doses. This channel never shared that data just insane broadcasting the negativity. The world first mutant started in Britain not in India

  10. There are issues in every country, why don't we ever see BBC discovering those in the UK instead of using their soft power globally to victimise India, always putting India in a negative light. Listen India is not your plaything anymore

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  12. With all the sewage and decomposing wildlife, the human bodies would not cause an additional issue (other than the un-nerving aspect). The issue would only arise if the bodies had been embalmed, in which case it would cause large amounts of formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic to be added to an already large problem.

  13. I’m sorry but you can’t put 100% of the blame on Covid alone for India’s misfortune. Yes the virus is destroying millions of lives but when you look at how people are still nonchalantly polluting the Ganges and other locations, is it any wonder why the outcome is like this? The worst part is, I really don’t think anyone has learnt anything from the last few months. They will continue as before from where they left off 😔

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