Covid: New local lockdown restrictions in England to be unveiled @BBC News LIVE on iPlayer 🔴 – BBC


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New local lockdown rules for England are due to be announced later.

The Liverpool City Region is expected to face the tightest restrictions under a new “three tier” system, which will classify regions as being at a “medium,” “high” or “very high” level of alert.

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Date: October 14, 2020

27 thoughts on “Covid: New local lockdown restrictions in England to be unveiled @BBC News LIVE on iPlayer 🔴 – BBC

  1. Ihr seid wie jeder andere der total Angst hat dumm , und das ding ist Ihr wisst garnicht wie viele Menschen bankrott gehen und diese Statistiken über Corona … was meint ihr würde passieren wenn jetzt mal jemand anfängt über den Normalen Grippe Virus zu reden ????? Und zu erzählen die Zahlen steigen usw … würdet ihr dann auch ne Maske tragen und euch so blenden lassen schaut X 22 Report und macht euch euer eigenes Bild dann wisst ihr wieso weshalb warum diese ganze kacke grade läuft …. wer das danach alles immer noch abstreiten ist einfach nur selten dämlich….

  2. imagine giving someone an award after he lost his life. guarenteed if he was still alive today. they wouldnt be nominating him

  3. Just a bunch of clowning around because some higher up people told us all to do so. NBA event in USA is allowed, with thousands of people partying in the street. Of course, this makes money so it’s fine. Its all a mad circus and we’re getting our lifes stolen by others who keep the movement going

  4. LOL @ the BBC. Tongues couldn't be any further up the Tories' asses. Cannot wait for the day the BBC are forced out into the 21st century and nobody pays up for their junk.

  5. The Gov hate scousers, this is revenge for Hillsborough inquiry, they hate the north in general,
    Oldham is in lockdown but has the same stats as Boris own constituency which isnt lockdowned, funny that

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  7. They don’t have a friggin clue. The NHS in the UK is dead in the water and they caused it. The truth has yet to be told by these clowns…

  8. Its all B.S simple…protect our elderly ..not the nhs… average age of the dying 82.4 yrs… we are all grown up here ..treating and talking to people like we are stupid and know nothing will not end well.

  9. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 more fun and games 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  10. After the Brexit vote, Britain is No longer Under its own gov't. So much for "taking back control". ALL of it was a Lie.

  11. I asked some drug dealers if they were bothered by the 10pm curfew and they just said ‘no mate’. I then asked them how they would explain any travel expenses incurred after 10pm that they might want to use to offset against their tax bill and they they asked me if I wanted to ‘leave it out’. So Britain seems to be still good for business. I introduced seven a side naked stranger twister to sex clubs that ran up until 10pm and knew straight away I was really stupid not making it six a side!

  12. How can people still not understand that an increase in "cases" is not an increase in "infections"? It's an increase in "false positive" results of a testing method that doesn't work.

  13. Everyone should JUST SAY NO. Lockdowns make people sick. The WHO even says so but even that info could be suspect. Just get the Virus (if you are high risk stay home) and Take the “therapeutics” which are actual cures. Is your government telling you 99% of the cases have mild or no symptoms? The death rate is less than 1%? Aren’t shutdowns supposed to be used only for keeping the hospitals from being overwhelmed? Stop the Globalist CCP takeover of the world. JUST SAY NO

  14. Attempting to “control” viral spread by lockdown, masks or any other superstitious nonsense is a fruitless and pointless exercise. Unlike the millions of years of natural "T" cell and herd immunity which appear to have served the human race quite well to date.

  15. Why is no-one in mainstream media referring to the Swedish model? No lockdowns, masks or hysteria; Covid death rates no worse than ours; citizens lives already returned to normal; economy, healthcare services and morale all intact. Elephant in the room, anyone?

  16. Why does the three tier system start at "Medium"? Why isn't it a four tier with a "low" threshold? Perhaps "low" doesn't sound suitably scary enough to keep the plebs n their place? This system is already obsolete before it's started as, by definition, there's no provision at all for any future state of affairs to improve or drop below "medium"

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