Covid: Sage scientists called for short lockdown weeks ago 🔴 @BBC News LIVE on iPlayer – BBC


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The government’s scientific advisers called for a short lockdown in England to halt the spread of Covid-19 last month, newly released documents show.

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Date: October 14, 2020

28 thoughts on “Covid: Sage scientists called for short lockdown weeks ago 🔴 @BBC News LIVE on iPlayer – BBC

  1. The uk goverment will reap what they sow there incompetence will affect many…. Swift action was needed earlier in the yr and stages of this crises and Boris ignored that advice also.

  2. Did Donald Trump say he was "immune" to the virus? At least he made the concession that his "immunity" would only last 4 months. Americans should not follow this guy.

  3. Time to stop these idiotic economy crushing, depression causing lock downs. Stop fear mongering. Even WHO has said to stop lockdowns. Why are you still pushing this nonsense?

  4. We should throw things wide open. Let the elderly lock themselves down if they choose to. We would have herd immunity in 6 weeks max and be done with this nonsense.

  5. People need to eat healthy food not alot of fat why open restaurants more of vitamins c and omega 3 fish oil people need money to buy healthy food not funds to business which are servings junk foods to our children president Trump has given every house hold hundred dollars each person even children to buy healthy foods

  6. This is turbo engine his body soon claps take career of him and cheque more offen may body doesn’t take so much of fast activity rapidly his hart and blood prethior get cheque

  7. You always take every thing extreme and lkie turbo engine than your body reflected resonance for that your brain is not for your body capacity it means engine and chastity doesn’t same capability resonance for that is your father was pedeegre your mother not

  8. Sage scientists of 24 call for 2 week circuit break.

    World leading scientists of over 13,000 in 23 countries say let the virus go to build herd immunity….

  9. Save some tragic cases the majority of covid deaths are coffin dodgers with one foot already in the grave . No more lock downs .

  10. The only one that can stop this is [YOU] if you continue to listen to this government you will lose everything. Stop listening to them and get on with your lives before this government takes everything off you that you have worked for.

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