Covid travel rules: 'green list' of destinations announced for England


Turkey, Maldives and Nepal are expected to be added to a red list while Israel will be among the green list countries, the UK transport secretary, Grant Shapps, announced. Popular travel destinations France and Spain were not included in the green list announced on Friday, but Shapps assured there would be a review every three weeks.

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Date: September 13, 2021

20 thoughts on “Covid travel rules: 'green list' of destinations announced for England

  1. Ingiltere neden turkiye yi halen kirmizi listeden çikarmadi. Her hangi bir yerde buna karsit yürûyüş gosteri duzenlenecekse bende bundan sonra katilacam. Bilgi olanlar bilgilendirsin lutfen. Irkcilik yapiliyor resmen turkleri zora yitiyorlar. Verdikleri yardimi biz turklerden turkiyeden gelenlerden toplama pesindeler ve bunlarin yaptigi bu kirmizi liste demek cezalarin ve karantina dan dolayi ülkemize kimselerin gidememesi ve yatirim ve ulkemize gelir katsizi bulunmamasi demekdir. Buna acilen ingiliz hukumetinin birsey yapip direk yesil listeye almasi gerek. Haksizlikdir bu ya bakiyomda yesil listedeki ulkelere çogu ya berbat ulkeyi bok goturuyor halkinin agzi kokuyor yinede abicim yesil listede o ulkeler. Bunun tek bir şeyi var ingiltere acaba irkçilikmi yapiyor turkiyeye?

  2. A plane full of people returning from Gibraltar have been told to isolate due to the delta variant being detected on numerous passengers. Why is Gibraltar still on the green list? Is it incompetence?

  3. Disgusting authoritarian oppression. You have no right to demand tests and quarantine from me, if i have to pay for it. Resist the great reset!

  4. Imagine a virus so terrible you have to get tested to know whether you have it or not with a massively flawed testing system. 🤡

  5. Israel? what is Israel there is no country called Israel that country was destroyed by Hadrian thousands of years ago

  6. What gives with the price of PCR tests? One news article today said £20. Others say much dearer? Who is setting the cost as we are apparently the dearest in the world now? Dearer than the holiday itself!

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