Covid: UK at 'tipping point', top scientist warns @BBC News LIVE on iPlayer πŸ”΄ – BBC


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The UK has reached a “tipping point” in its coronavirus epidemic similar to that last seen in March, one of the country’s top scientists has warned.

Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, said “the seasons are against us” and the country is running into a “headwind” ahead of the winter months.

More deaths will follow a rise in cases over the coming weeks, he said.

He urged people to help the NHS by limiting contact with others.

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Date: October 14, 2020

43 thoughts on “Covid: UK at 'tipping point', top scientist warns @BBC News LIVE on iPlayer πŸ”΄ – BBC

  1. Im gonna be honest, I want this virus gone as much as anyone else, but we've had like 3 "tipping points" by now, it's very hard to take this seriously.

  2. Here’s how the story ends. We bumble about with lockdowns and failing policies and rules in the next 3 years. Then, a Dutch scientist discovers beetles contract Covid, but blast it to bits in seconds with antibodies. We get some of the beetle’s blood and BOOM!!! The Covid Oblitorator Vaccine! Come on… I can dream, can’t I?


  4. Don't believe for one second Trump has had covid….Election stunt in my opinion….So called gets covid then 4 days later out and about waving to the crowds…Needs to give his head a wobble


  6. β€œNothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.”― Leonardo da Vinci

  7. Some people are too selfish, too lazy, overly pampered and grotesquely entitled to behave. They have zero self discipline and lack basic animal self preservation intelligence.

    I've seen mobs of drunks, both early afternoon and night, no face masks at all, just massive mobs of them coughing and singing away up and down the high street.

    So, when the government says 'People, come on, this is serious, so wear a face mask please'

    Labour and Keir Starmer come out and whine '…Boris is being too authoritarian, this is not a police state…'

    So when Boris says, '…I want you to be safe, I don't want a SECOND nation wide lock down, but people come on, sort yourselves out and behave…'…

    Knight of the realm, millionaire Starmer comes out and says 'Boris is too lenient, and what we need is a Labour police state!'

    It's really easy, wear a mask, wash your hands don't clump together in your hundreds at student parties or anywhere else.

    The government wants to protect you, but some people are actually protesting AGAINST the government from trying to PROTECT them!

    You honestly, truly, just can't negotiate with that kind of idiocy.

  8. you shouldve listened to us in january, febuary and march 2020, some of us were being laughed at when we were warning people about a lockdown, i didnt get round to making a video until april, was a bit of a joke by that point, yes, we are at tipping point, LEGALIZE CANNABIS! STOP PEOPLE LIKE PHILLIP MAY GETTING RICHER, WHILE THE UK STAYS POOR.

  9. So we can't have a face-to-face GP appointment, so when I find a lump on my breast I get sent to the ER instead. My sister had to go to the ER the NEXT DAY for a UTI….

    It's ridiculous, such routine GP consultations could easily be held in a office, far away from hospitals.

    But no, send floods of people to ER for minor things that can be treated easily by a GP and pharmacy. The NHS 111 seems to refer nearly everyone to the ER now, why?

    Why are we bothering to limit social contact for the general public while also sending large amounts of people to cramped, busy hospitals where the most vulnerable people are? Tell me how that makes sense??

    Or just keep sending people to an ER that's located right next door to an ICU and a cancer ward and all staffed by the same overworked and exhausted nurses. I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

    Meanwhile keep blaming people who just want a drink or to see their family for the virus spreading.

  10. I'm so damn confused by all this, the rule is that "You must not socialise with anyone who is not in your household anywhere indoors – including in pubs, bars and restaurants. This applies both in Darlington and elsewhere" and yet I'm being told by my college tutor that education doesn't count and I'm still to attend……

  11. Three teachers in my grandsons school have been tested positive for covid and school is still open and my daughter is a dinner lady.

  12. Google search for yourself – Boris Johnson’s dad wrote a book called β€œThe virus” in 1982

    β€œrenowned British politician Stanley Johnson, an exciting, intelligent thriller about the rise of a mysterious virus and one man's fight to stop a deadly pandemic”

  13. Look people the UK Government need to embezzle 3 billion pounds More in Government contracts for coronavirus. So this is never going to go away. Please do not look at countries like Sweden

  14. Now that you all voted tory and fucked your own country again, you are fleeing to Scotland to steal gold. Typical.

  15. I'm so shocked there are hundreds of thousand people without mask enjoying their life without fear.
    And also shocked from the comments on this video…..
    So many dumbs….

  16. The uk economy is fckd for sake of bs figures on a screen. I have not seen 1 in 4 die like they said at the start. Still bbc for pushing this crap and giving bs artist bill gates a platform i wont pay my tv licence to listen to this crap. U can get more money off bill gates not me.

  17. I'm dreading when they release their experimental vaccine, we will no doubt be blackmailed into having it, with things like you can't enter a hospital without a vaccine, or if you don't want travel restrictions get vaccinated.

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  20. Hey Konrad Boris, just admit it's about the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and U.N. Agenda 2030. We also have the The Green New Deal & The 4th Industrial Revolution. Is that all just a massive coincidence? You know you can't fool all the people all of the time. Stop hiding your Davos/Bilderberg buddies plans under the cover of covid. That is beyond devious.

  21. There is Medicine available… The Government and the Media are keeping it from you. They will happily see people die to force the narrative and protect their own interests! When will you get angry???

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