On this episode of Animal Face-Off a croc and great white shark go head to head.

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The saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile on
the planet. The great white shark is the world’s largest predatory shark.
Saltwater crocodiles usually live in northern Australian rivers and offshore is
where a saltwater croc could meet a great white.



  1. A shark is down for 2 minutes after being turned over….Not to mention predators go for easy prey….Once prey is deemed too difficult they run away. Expected better from animal planet.

  2. Look the way this battle is written very stupidly, the Croc would never be able to make any of these movements in deeper colder water where it would have to meet the white shark. In this setting the Croc would have to stay at the surface to maintain its body temperature, remaining immobile, leaving it a prime meal for the great white.

  3. This is so unrealistic the great white is so much bigger and more agile and I feel like the shark would turn around and bite a chunk out of the croc when it was biting it’s fin

  4. Tbh. They probably wouldn’t fight. But a great white would probably win in most scenarios if they did fight. Not because it’s necessarily more powerful, but it could just do a surprise attack from below like it does with seals. It wouldn’t attack head on.


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