Croc vs. the Great White | Animal Face-Off


On this episode of Animal Face-Off a croc and great white shark go head to head.

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The saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile on
the planet. The great white shark is the world’s largest predatory shark.
Saltwater crocodiles usually live in northern Australian rivers and offshore is
where a saltwater croc could meet a great white.


Date: August 8, 2019

24 thoughts on “Croc vs. the Great White | Animal Face-Off

  1. What shit sharks are like armoured fucking tanks those scales can deflect bullets and when the shark lost its fin it wouldve died from blood loss and a crocodile bite to the snout would’ve caused serious internal bleeding and the crocodile can hold its breath for 15 minutes

  2. the shark would have just sank and died when the croc pulled off its fin they need that to steer and keep stable the pectoral fins are important to a shark and loosing would be life finishing fuck off you ten year olds

  3. A bunch of crocodile worshippers in the comments I see lmao. BOTH animals have the power and ability to kill each other. But I'd give the edge to the Great White most the time, they are much more at home in the ocean. And get twice as big as the Crocs.

  4. Even though I love the Great White Shark, it would lose and I’m a bit disappointed in this. Sharks don’t fight crocodiles, they will flee, even scientists know that. This is disappointing even for a Great White Shark and Saltwater Crocodile fans like me.

  5. I admit…I'm no expert, but if a shark is upside down THAT LONG, wouldn't it go unconscious? Also, a fin injury may not SEEM that bad, but a shark's fin coming off? Wouldn't that fuck up it's balance…maybe even speed? From the little I do know about marine life, certain things didn't feel right. Like why did the croc stop spinning? Lack of oxygen? So, sinking further into the ocean before detaching and finally reaching the surface is a better strategy rather than completing it's signature death attack, going up for air, then coming back to collect it's kill…or even bring your kill with you to the surface? A GWS is pretty freaking heavy, so I'm not sure about option B. Idk…there are sure a lot of shark lovers, but come on…bs is bs…no matter where you stand.

  6. If a shark has been bitten then it will most likely just back off because of how it respects their opponents power and also the crocodile bit him on his whole face and a sharks weak spot is it’s nostrils l, mouth, and gills so it would back off I’m pretty sure

  7. These are two of the oldest creatures on earth , crocs kill more people a year , the shark is not even close in numbers . they are both smart enough to stick to their environments …..crocs stick to swallow water and sharks usually deeper water . They have found shark remains in crocs more often as sharks venture to swallow water when food is scarce . Two very intelligent creatures , outside their nature habitats they are vulnerable , I would never want to bet on it …….

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