In the latest cruise ship news Carnival Cruise Lines has cancelled all of their cruises to Dec 2020. Six ships were expected to sail out of Miami and Port Canaveral in Nov, but now those cruises are delayed. The new Iona cruise ship has been delivered to the P&O Cruise Line in the UK and this has allowed the funds for the build out of the ship to be released to the ship builder in Germany. About 800 million euros will now be transferred and the workers there will finally receive their holiday pay of about $14 million Euros. #cruiseshipnews #cruiselinenews #travellingwithbruce

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Date: October 14, 2020


  1. You are not a Debbie Downer, Bruce, and that's why I follow you. I don't need people who tell me fairy tales. I still think cruising before a vaccine is very irresponsible.

  2. Any change in administration will not change the Virus .  Announcements that cruise lines are going to start in Dec or Jan or next Jan 2022 is just wishful thinking  .   The Virus is surging knowing no boundaries, no frontiers , it is rampant .   I am going to stick my neck out here and say that the virus will be omnipotent right up until the last piece of 5G equipment has been dismantled including the 5G medallion gear on the cruise ships .   after which time there will be no more virus because there wont be any more radiation from the 5G network .    In fact if the 5G isn't scrapped , its the end of the world not just the cruise industry .

  3. People are selfish individuals Bruce. I think they have a DEATH WISH.
    I myself value LIFE. A cruise is non-essential. People want a cruise? Take a ride on a ferry

  4. hey bro love your show you seem like a really awsome cool dude!!! can you talk about if you traveled your experiences with the girls from different countries you been to how do they look their attitude do they speak english and are they easy to bang also what races do good in what countries and how travel improves your sexual market value and helps you get laid also some fun things you did and fun places you recommend and what is the best way to meet lots of girls and get laid while traveling on your next video thanks keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for your update.
    Did you see Don's Family Vacations video today about Skagway? I had been selfishly thinking about the cruise bubble and ship excursions only and how it wouldn't be so bad. But now I recognize how devastating it would be to the little shops, restaurants, canneries, etc.

  6. I'm really surprised they released the piano ionic without redoing the entire ventilation system now would have been the perfect time to do it I guess they're really not concerned about their ventilation systems spreading the Coronavirus remember any time you're on a cruise ship your rebreathing the same air as everyone else over and over and over even if you're in and outside balcony cabin if your doors not open or you're not physically on your balcony you're still a re breathing the same air as everyone on the cruise ship and they still have not eliminated the ventilation vents in every cabin door that allows the virus to enter into everyone's cabin

  7. Hello Bruce! Thank you for the update! The Carnival cruise lines should just cancel all the way until Jan 2021! 🚢 😷🏴‍☠️🤣

  8. There will be NO cruises in the
    🇺🇸 until at least spring 2021 if we're
    Lucky….The cruise lines need to
    Be honest and stop stringing the
    Public along simply to get final
    Payments before they cancel

  9. As we say in the Black community, "Bruce, thanks for keeping it real!" You were on the cancellation train well before the truth came out and the lies stopped. Keep up the great reports and revelations.

  10. I think they need a test that gives a result in minutes to ensure a safe ship…may also have to board the ship naked so as not to carry any virus on your clothes 😉

  11. I would THINK that the cruise companies would be smart and just NOT set any dates instead of making themselves look like fools and pissing off customers and potential customers..

  12. I wonder if Bruce would be reporting on his own self if he was being cancelled just like all these cruises…

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