In breaking cruise ship news today the CEOs of the cruise lines will have a conference call with the white house to get cruise ships sailing again in US waters. The call is not open to the press but it is expected to start at about 2pm et and a press release will likely be issued shortly after the call ends. The cruise lines, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have been pushing to be allowed to restart sailings again in and out of US ports, and the CDC had suggested that cruise not be allowed to begin until March 202, but the white house overruled it’s own agency and has decided to allow cruise lines to sail as early as Nov 1st according to reports. In other news today, Broadway has decided to extend their shutdown until May 2021 because of the fear of it’s patrons catching the virus. #CRUISESHIPNEWS #cruiselinenews #travellingwithbruce

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Date: October 17, 2020


  1. I completely agree with you I believe now is not the time to reopen cruising I think they should wait until there is a vaccine or cure and testing is that's available in minutes and they still need to totally redo their ventilation systems on board the ships other than virgin cruise lines I don't know of any Cruise Line it's even made an effort in that department remember when you're in an inside cabin or watching a show in the lounge your breathing the same air as everyone else over and over and over

  2. Enforcing masks, social distancing, personal hygiene, etc plus having available open non confined areas will help assure safety on the cruise ships. We know there is NEVER a 100% guarantee – the cruise ship could hit an iceberg ….. Yes, I too, am waiting for a vaccine.

  3. The problem to restart cruising is the cdc and again the virus is spreading not until they find atherpy or some anti body god help us if no cruise until march 21 it will be a terrible blow to the cruise industry

  4. I heard negativity right now, you have to remember the cruise lines are not going to go 100% capacity, perhaps 60% and of course they will do different times for the theater shows , they will take precautions. Guideliness will be implemented, if we follow them everything should be fine just like MSC. We can do it Bruce.

  5. You should be a little more positive.. you are always negative about cruise line it is ridiculous to make fun of this situation with the cruise lines … cruise ships are verry much safer than anywhere in the world…(be positive)

  6. Some of the other travel people that you know are weting in their pants. I tend to agree with you. What happens if the ministration change. What you say makes sense.

  7. Fact is this. NO INDUSTRY will have the Double testing for guests, Full Week Quarantine and testing for crew, shore excursion limitations and mitigation along with 60-70% capacity. That is how the cruise industry will be the #1 way to travel and vacation. Combined with all of that, there will be folks who will have a vaccine. And there will be a COVID medical staff onboard. No restaurant, mall, airline, movie theater, grocery store or any other place where people gather, will have such protocols in place!!et the ships sail!!

  8. nice picture of St Thomas . they need to make some effort to get the cruises started again this is a disgrace to let this go on this long , we need cruises to start up in some form. rumor has it new york city is having most of there people leaving that shit hole

  9. Things which you said is not favorable for the ones who are directly or indirectly dependent on cruise lines industry. Though you are not depending on this for your bread n butter, its very easy to say. We know we don’t have a vaccine yet but we have a highly protocols to follow To cure with COVID-19. Even though the entire world is open without 100% percent of protection everybody is struggling for there bread and butter. who’s gonna take care of entire population who are dependent on the cruise industry.all cruise industry came up with new protocols of testing social distancing etc. Not any other organizations is going through these all protocols. I Strongly believe you’re wrong we should support this industry as well. At last I think cruising is the only place which is 100% safe as compared to any other organization.

  10. How the hella you doing you went from saying when are they going to open back or you just don’t want them to reopen

  11. Our news here in NY have said that in big counties like BROOKLYN and QUEENS, other counties, they almost went back in lock down! They have had to put down restrictions from RED to yellow! the most dangerous to the least dangerous for the virus. depending on what color area you in, the more or less of the restrictions you have to follow. NYC has gone WAY UP in numbers.

  12. I am in NY!!!! I am 40 min from NYC! I did not know that BWAY would be SO FAR away!!! WOW Thank you Bruce for that info!!!

  13. Bruce let me start by saying I’m loving your recent content! While I’m not a fan of our current administration here in the US, I do agree with Pence’s agreement to open sailing in the US. You lost me at “cruises should wait until a vaccine”. The sad fact is that many here in the states won’t get the vaccine and that it takes 60-70% with anti bodies to reach herd immunity. A vaccine will not end Covid without more than 50% of the US population actually getting the vaccine… as you stated in previous videos, we can’t keep the cruise industry closed forever… what will happen to Florida’s economy and beyond? We have to trust the protocols and get cruises going again.

  14. You can put all your ppe on and hide under your bed from old man covid while the rest of us using common sense, following protocols go on with our lives. There is no comparison between untested people packing into a crowded theater in New York and a large cruise ship at 50 percent capacity with every one tested to get on the ship. We early cruisers will have the ships all to ourselves and when the worry wards come back it will be to over packed ships & long lines. Thank you for giving the ships to us. You can come down to the dock and wave bon voyage to us, from inside your cars.

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