Cruz on Fox News: Hollywood Fully Complicit in Massive Problem of Chinese Censorship


26 thoughts on “Cruz on Fox News: Hollywood Fully Complicit in Massive Problem of Chinese Censorship

  1. Great work Cruz. I think it's time we stop letting libtards and demonrats lead the arguments, how about we start turning the argument against them. So much more easier and fun.

  2. BAN ALL non profits and start over. So much corruption due ti THAT privy status that fails to benefit USA ALL people. Pelosi essential business Kennedy Center, failed investors FERS abd PERS pensions bankrupt. Ler en gi bankruot abd get a savings plan like the rest if non govt people. Don't touch OUR social security oasdi paud into a lifetime then give paltry $255 a dwath of a,spouse abd demand original records surrendered tgen states pillage what you have at probate

  3. Hollywood is in hiatus anyhow. Old laws to benefit that industry need looked into. Non profits my eye. It's ALL profit. 100,000 plate fundraiser Hillary putting on for Biden? What do they spend that loot on? Commercials on tv ?

  4. It's also kind of like a stab in the eye for those military personnel, who are fighting for freedom, to have their people and equipment being used to entertain and even fund our enemies.

  5. Thank you senator! Interesting to note those LGBT magazines were more upset with Ted Cruz's Biblical values than with China's totalitarian communist censorship, or Hollywood bowing down to it for more money. The devil is a liar; he does not want people to come to Jesus (who is the Truth) to be saved. God loves you and has a plan for your life. John 3:16

  6. Wait! So, Ted Cruz blasted Hollywood for appeasing to China's censorship about referring to Freddie Mercury's gay lifestyle in the movie and the LGBTQ – A-Z alphabet soup wasn't pleased with Ted Cruz? I'm sooooo confused with those people.

  7. Ted Cruz was my guy for President until Trump hit big. I do believe Ted Cruz can and will run again one day and perhaps win.

    But Trump is the man needed for NOW! And world events have shown that! God bless President Trump!

  8. I've been saying this for years . The techno-communism is hard at work as well , suppressing and censoring Americans and excusing themselves for it ; but they are soft tyrants the same .😬

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