Cuckoo Switcheroo


This is one bird who will not be winning trophies for “World’s Best Mom” any time soon. The cuckoo bird’s parenting techniques are downright criminal.

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Date: January 21, 2020

21 thoughts on “Cuckoo Switcheroo

  1. Female Cowbirds are a damn nightmare as well laying eggs in other nests. They lay eggs in hundreds of different bird species nests. They're causing many different bird species to become endangered because it's foster mother takes home food and the damn baby cowbird ends up eating all the food and it ended up causing her own chicks to die of starvation because the bird's sitting on the chicks. I've read that after a female cowbird lays just 1 egg in some nest(that's all she'll lay in one nest then lays another one in a different nest) she'll lurk around that nest for awhile to see if anything happens to her egg. If she notices that her egg is being incubated she'll leave happy. If she witnesses her egg being tossed out of that nest by the nest owner well she becomes enraged and she'll get revenge. She'll wait until the coast is clear and then swoops down into the nest to destroy the eggs in it then destroy the nest. They're criminals.

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