For 450 years, no one knew where the Swedish warship Mars, named for the Roman god of war, sank in the Baltic Sea. The largest vessel of its time went down in a fierce battle in 1564 with more than 800 people aboard. Its discovery in 2011 yielded an astonishingly well-preserved ship, including the seamen who went down with it.
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Legend has it that the ship was cursed because its cannons were made using metal from melted-down church bells.

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UNDERWATER VIDEOGRAPHY: Ocean Discovery and Deep Sea
EDITOR: Jennifer Murphy

Cursed Shipwreck Yields Treasure and Human Remains | National Geographic

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  1. the Baltic sea is great for preserving ships. I wonder if warships of this age have been declared graves for the seamen and soldiers who were on this vessel?

  2. This ship was not designed for a simple Caribbean cruise ship. That is not what it was built for. Many American wealthy and movie stars of it's day rode on her. It's like the QM-1 OE-1 and the Normandy. These were called "Ocean Liners" because they were built to cross the Atlantic Ocean and withstand the gigantic rogue waves that will swamp any of these new Carrabin tall cruise ships. When the first time the SS United States sailed the Atlantic to England it was faster than the "Cunard's Queen Ocean crossing liners" and won the title and trophy.

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