Daily Mail: Bad News for Vegans! Vegan Diet = Weaker BONES


A new study on bones out of Germany has the press misinterpreting research and bashing vegans…again.
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Main Study:

Other Heel Bone Studies for BUA Reference:

Example of Lower BMI Density Dropoff:

Lysine Normal Range: https://www.labcorp.com/resource/plasma-amino-acid-reference-intervals

“…4cB12, a combined index of the B12 status…” 

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Date: September 24, 2021

20 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Bad News for Vegans! Vegan Diet = Weaker BONES

  1. So, toward the beginning, you are saying that some meat eaters could be carrying more body weight and thus would have denser bones because their bones would be resisting that greater weight?

  2. I'm not vegan but I totally agree that dairy will weaken bones DEFINITELY. We do keto at our house but dairy is just NASTY🤢 and not in our house. Milk actually pulls calcium out of your bones😵.

  3. I'm over 60 years old. I recently took a terrible tumble on the street on my daily run (before I knew how to fall). I was a bloody mess of twisted appendages. Strangers stopped their cars and helped me up and poured me into the back of one their cars and drove me to my wife who then drove me to the emergency room. While I looked liked a mummy after they were done bandaging me up, I did not break one bone, which I credit to my vegan diet.

  4. Daily Mail is a fine entertainment publication serving its market well. It is not a good source for analysis of scientific studies and reports. There's no special agenda here. They are not anti-vegan so much as pro-whatever the largest customer base share they can capture wants to be entertained by including pandering to the biases / prejudices of that audience within (usually) legal boundaries of their market.

  5. There's a new study that's big in Australian news at the moment: vegan children more likely to break bones and are on average 3cm shorter than their peers. Thoughts?

  6. Thai Boxing is a martial art that is extremely hard on the bones of the practitioner, and there are many vegans involved in Thai Boxing. One of the main weapons of this art are the shins and elbows, of course there are the knees and the fists, But the practice of slamming the shins against a very hard bag is common, the idea is that it creates many micro fractures in the bone in order to developed extra bone growth on top of the micro fractures of the shin to make it harder. I practice Muay Thai-Boxing and slam my shins as hard as i possibly can against very hard bag, 4 times a week, and i am a 58 year old vegan, i have absolutely no issues with my bones!

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