Daily Mail correspondent David Rose Exclusive talk with Dr Moeed on his story about Shahbaz Sharif


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Date: August 8, 2019

16 thoughts on “Daily Mail correspondent David Rose Exclusive talk with Dr Moeed on his story about Shahbaz Sharif

  1. Nawaz family is a swearword on our loved green flag they all should treat as per intensity of their crimes they made us shamefull in all over the world.kick off them out of pakistani politics and bann the pml n for forever

  2. This family and Zardari need there assets seized and shameful supporters calling this fake newspaper in UK don’t print such stories that are fake as deformation case can be done against them and they lose millions so only print stories that they can prove so if any support or Nawaz family keep saying this is fake then sue the paper, but unfortunately still find idiots who support these criminals

  3. It’s shameful what I pmln had done as a Pakistani I demand to law that this mafia league should be ban and they should be hang to death because its matter of my country’s reputation

  4. DFID and Daily mail are both right. What actually happened was PMLN completed the projects with the money from the Pakistan exchequer then once projects were completed and proven then DFID released the money for the work done. Here is where showbaz family's corruption took place rather than putting money back in Pakistan's exchequer what they did is they kept the money for them selves.

  5. Kab Tak Pakistani Awaam In Choron Ko Bardasht Karegi, Kab Tak Ye Hamara Hamri Auladon Ka Khoon Chusenge, Khuda Ke Liye Ab Awaam Ko React Karna Hoga Hame Inko Zaleel Karna Hoga Har Gali Har Mohalle Har Masjid Har School Me Inki Kartoot Logon Ko Barani Hogi,,

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