Daily Mail Editor Hacked By News of the World – NOTW Phone Hacking *NEW*


Mail on Sunday Editor Targeted By Glenn Mulcaire.

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Police have told two senior Mail On Sunday journalists their phones may have been hacked by private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.

Their names have been found in notebooks belonging to Mulcaire, who was hired by the News Of The World and jailed in 2007 for phone hacking.

One of the journalists is former news editor Sebastian Hamilton while the other is ex-investigations editor Dennis Rice, the Mail On Sunday confirmed.

Four years ago, Mulcaire was sentenced to six months in prison for plotting to hack into the telephone messages of Royal aides.

Police have said around 4,000 people could have had their phones targeted as officers continue their investigation, named Operation Weeting, into the phone-hacking scandal.

A spokesman for the newspaper said:

“I can confirm that two senior journalists have been contacted by Operation Weeting officers and told that their phones may have been hacked by Glenn Mulcaire.”

It has previously been reported that Mr Rice was launching legal action against the News Of The World over the alleged hacking.

Saturday 16th July 2011


Date: October 2, 2021

4 thoughts on “Daily Mail Editor Hacked By News of the World – NOTW Phone Hacking *NEW*

  1. @ILIKEWALLS … which Newscorp, and to a lesser extent, Maxwell, was encouraging by giving bribes and paying for information and all that good stuff.

  2. @dangerouslytalented the real scandal is the corruption in the police and politicians, but that will be brushed over if the media keep repeating milly dowler

  3. @ILIKEWALLS The ones that didn't know were sacked, the ones that did, are being arrested as we speak.

  4. wow, it only gets worse.

    the idea that only a couple of people at news corp knew about this is absurd, and is looking more hollow with every passing revelation

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