Daily Mail Fake News Exposed + Insane Comments


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Date: October 12, 2021

20 thoughts on “Daily Mail Fake News Exposed + Insane Comments

  1. WAIT. While I hate with a passion Tommy Robinson, never, ever, would I state in videos that I would rape his children and wife, and then behave like a complete hypocritical knob and state what you just did about the death penalty from a DM commentator, whom likely never even buys the fucking paper(s) but trolls for the sheer sake of it. Moreover you sack of lefty shit, you are reading comments that are from pricks whom read the Daily Mail online. Not the actual VIEWS of the Daily Mail. For all you know you unintelligent sack of shit they could be trolls (likely are). Apart from that, nice video. Keep it up.

  2. The right wing media truly are remarkable. Not only are they able to rally the more "politically minded", "conscientious" and "patriotic" members of our society but their ability to gather statistics is really something to admire. Islamic extremist groups who harbour violent, anti-Western views are typically very secretive and careful with their identities. Yet, whenever right wing sources are gathering statistics, all the Muslims suddenly become overwhelmed with a desire to admit to a murderous, anti-white, anti-democratic agenda. How do they do it?

  3. Reminds me of when a bunch of Mundane Matt viewers wanted to nuke California because the metro introduced a policy against taking up multiple seats, but it was misreported as being anti 'manspreading' lol

  4. I think the right blames everything on 'dis-functionalism' – a function being basically a role (like house wife) or a reason why someone should do something. Postmodernists are all over the critiques of 'functions' – it's way beyond me. But I think the basic idea is we can sacrifice quality in the name of a functional outlook (pragmatic attitudes work the same way I think). As you might expect, functions/roles play into a top down hierarchy. So I guess 'quality' would feed into a flat hierarchy if it was opposed to top down roles/functions.

    In a business it would be like qualities of products (for consumers) being sacrificed in the name of preserving the functions of the top down hierarchy of the business I guess. So a business would exist to sell crap to it's customers if it prioritised function over quality. That's the idea anyway. People's pay checks is another form of a function – where the number they recieve could have no relation to the quality of what they do.

    I guess in the end the criticism of functions feeds in Marxist critiques?

    I mean an orange president is not quality but it serves a function.

    I guess maybe daily mail reader are cunfused about what is a quality and what is a function. To the extent they can justify beating on the qualities that make a lesbian couple because they viewed homosexuality as dis-functional (because on sex between a man and a woman can be rationally justified in the amount of time it takes tham to rage cum).

  5. I feel really pretentious leaving this. But for what it's worth. I think the only Bill Hicks jokes I ever really laughed at were his jokes about marketing, and god and sex. About marketing, he wonders how can marketing people sleep at night? And also brings up the cynicism of putting a dollar value on everything (including putting a dollar value on protesting about putting a dollar value on everything). With god and sex, he wonders what he is supposed to say during climax – as an atheist can he still say "god"? Or does he have to say "Big Bang" when he blows his load?

    The reason I never used to laugh at a lot of Hicks' jokes was because I think jokes are only funny if they poke at your innocence – a lot of what he brought to attention was things that people ought to have been aware of already. As he was a lot more progressive than his audience likely back in those days (80's and 90's). I guess a baby finds everything funny. Being a 'baby trans' can be hilarious.

    I guess the jokes of his I mentioned would still be funny because they will always be funny – we don't like to lift the rug on capitalism to see how truly dark it is, because we like all these cool things like iphones etc even though we know kids are literally dying mining the minerals used to make them. I don't have a smart phone btw (I would have to make a joke about why and I am just not that good).

    I can't see Bill Hicks being against trans people if he was alive today. But maybe I am wrong and he died in his prime and he wouldn't give a f*ck if he was still around now? Maybe he'd make jokes about being an attack helicopter during climax because he could no longer experience it anymore LOL?

    I think Hicks would recognise trans identities are rooted in a very real sense of the experience of gender. I don’t think Bill Hicks would shy away from poking at people’s innocence on this issue I am sure. He wouldn’t cop out and just be going after that dollar instead.

  6. Why I like to do it with girls. By Oscar Wilde, I believe. (Sent down for being a whoopsie). – Top marks for the Blackadder reference. 😂😁😂

  7. lol its like checking in on them to see if there still subhuman abnormal weirdos if god exists i believe one day they'll be lovely flowering people

  8. I thought the Daily Mail was only read by the wives of the people who run the country, as per yes minister

  9. I couldn't be bothered to listen to it all even if you are funny, but your artwork in the background is absolutely fab! Brilliant artist!

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