Daily Mail Has Published an Exclusive Story for Shehbaz Sharif


28 thoughts on “Daily Mail Has Published an Exclusive Story for Shehbaz Sharif

  1. قربانی کےبعد ہڈیاں اورجانوروں کی آلاٸش ان 🐕🐕🐕کیلٸےرکھیں جوصبح شام نواز شریف پر بھونکتے رہتے ہیں۔

  2. فضائ حدود کھول دیں ، کرتارپور بارڈر کھول دیا،حافظ سعید گرفتار، اب تو مودی کا پیشاب پینا باقی رہ گیا۔🤣🤣
    چلو منگو خان

  3. How anyone can believe on channel like HTV, who do not show his face name qualification , you can watch news paper online , find authentic channels 👎👎👎

  4. کچھ تو شرم کرو HTV جھوٹ پہ جھوٹ بول رہے ہو موت یاد نہیں تم کو کل کو اللہ کے سامنے پیش ہونا ہے تم کو کیا جواب دوگے

  5. Bas Karo bhai Plzzzzzzzz….. Faran fading case long time is panding. Malm jabah case is pending… Helicopter case is pendind…
    Nandi pur case is pending…
    Brt metro…. Still no one talking about that… Bcoz you mebe don't knw but we are knw everything bhai…. Plzzzzzzz tell truth to everybody…. Plzzzzzz bhai….. Don't lies…. Lies but don't lies to to to to to to to much….. And also bhai…. I don't knw about you. But I knw myself…….
    Pakistan army zindabad…
    Isi zindabad…..
    Pakistan zindabad…..

  6. Bas Karo bhai Plzzzzzzz….if this story is true as you say so Plzzzzzzz talk about also Sita white case. If your boss is allowed to u….. Bas Karo bhai plzzzzzzzzz

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