Daily Mail News – Crazy Monkey!


Watch the shocking moment a man gets into a fist fight with a MONKEY – after the cheeky animal urinates on his motorbike.

Shocking video has emerged of a brawl between a man and a wild monkey, which was provoked when the animal urinated on the seat of the man’s motorbike.
The footage, taken on December 1 of this year in the Thai province of Chachoengsao, starts harmlessly when a group of men find a cheeky monkey perched on their bright red motorbike.
The group are in hysterics at the sight of the monkey testing out their ride, until the creature realises it’s been sprung.
The monkey proceeds to bite and urinate on the seat of the bike, prompting the owner to throw his shoe at the creature in disgust. The monkey immediately flies into a fit of rage.

By Daily News


Date: July 28, 2019

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