Daily Mail Wars: Next Round :(


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Date: October 14, 2020

46 thoughts on “Daily Mail Wars: Next Round :(

  1. If he still keeps bieng an bumhole just tell us we as a comnity can wink wink research him and make a database of his personal information and put it on a darker shade of white websites wink wink

  2. He works for the Guardian now, a liberal newspaper, no idea how he got the job. I am from the UK and if you send over your skull crusher I'll vanish him away with it.

  3. Just dont. Just ignore what they say no one will belive that unlees its your crazy aunt or grandmother that reads mail online where most fake news happen

  4. Every year at MSHA Training they show us accidents evolving equipment in mines and gravel pits, tomorrow I'm gonna jam my arm in a tail pulley on the stacker and sue MSHA for teaching me how to do it….

  5. You know this putz is not gonna print word for word what you wrote . Just go's to show you how much of a lie his original comments were . Thank you for testing the vest , you've probably saved lives by doing it

  6. Would the 1000 joules sniper rifle go through that? I think it would lol. I think you are doing a great job in raising awareness my friend. Keep up the great work and know you can never please everyone 🙂

  7. I hate these tabloid newspapers, I wouldn't even trust the date on them! Typical lying tabloid journalists who try to drum up stories, where there are none!

  8. It's the Daily Mail Journalism isn't their forte but actually making shit up is.

    You go Jörg, sue that clown for all he's worth and then some.

  9. god dammed look at demolition ranch^^ like how many vests this guy penetrates^^ with any kind of ammunition that is possible… except Joerg Sprave´s devices^^

  10. Ive got the same west. But the arab couldnt penetrate it. Maybe cuz he was smaller then u and he hadnt just a normal knife

  11. Is that Slingshot vs. Zombies game where all the kickstarter money for the Zombie project went?
    just trolling i know it didn't reach the goal

  12. Dood don't give him/them any more publicity…He's actually mooching off you as you get more views than their entire magazine/paper….

  13. souvenir swiss army knifes are dangerous to that sissy? jeez! she should cover herself in bubblewrap before leavin the house…

  14. I knew that bulet proof vest are not knife proof like 20 years before you uploaded that video. I saw that in a History channel documental, so im not the onlyone

  15. Joerg this guy is a total Liberal snowflake! Don't let him bother you. There will always be stupid people with a completely wrong mindset, commenting on things that they know little to NOTHING about!

  16. If the slime from the daily mail had ANY ability he wouldn't be working for the daily mail. He's a failure in both his life and his trade and this is ALL he's got to make himself NOT look like the boot scraping of humanity that he is. Put it behind you, this idiot was born a fail, has lived a fail and will certainly die a fail. His life is punishment enough, he'll never be anything but a slime writer for a slime rag. If he had even a shred of human dignity he'd blow his own brains out today.

  17. the guy at six seconds looks like his face has been introduced to a toilet on several occasion throughout his high school years

  18. now you see that broom handle gives that gun extra sweeping power so when you draw it fast a bullet leaves the nose of the gun 96 degrees faster

  19. Jeorg, it looks like your video of piercing the vest may protect people from harm because reviews of the vest are linking to your video showing how worthless it is.  Good job!  You are looking out for people's safety.

  20. how pathetic is your airline security if someone can hijack a plane with a Swiss army knife the question isn't why people can get them it's why nobody on the plane had a gun.

  21. Am sure government issue vests are more than E69.-, so don't worry.
    I just can't get my head around people being sufficiently concerned about their security to get a vest, and then only are investing 69 euros in said vest. Worrying !

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