Dangerous Fire Leaves Hundereds Of People Injured | Critical Rescue S1 EP14 | Wonder


On Saturday, October 19, 1991 the temperature was very hot and extremely dry, Oakland was in its fifth year of a drought when then the fires began. The final toll of this disaster: over a hundred people were injured, 25 died including 11 on Charing Cross Road

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Date: May 6, 2020

30 thoughts on “Dangerous Fire Leaves Hundereds Of People Injured | Critical Rescue S1 EP14 | Wonder

  1. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief when this episode was about to end But then they showed the scene with the police car, and Officer Grubin Ski & the family not making it …

     DaMn IT ALL. WHY?!

  2. to all the people saying these people are idiots for trying to save their pets, you all are clearly are not animal lovers. I can't believe you would let your pet die without even trying to save it first. I sure as hell would have done everything I could have. I would never leave my cat

  3. So you know about a fire, you don't call firefighters & even when they come, it started again "because of sun"
    in usa they didn't clean their hills from grass, there's the disgusting undergrowth , responsible of fires

  4. I felt sadness for that policeman he save hundreds and he even tried to save the family but they all die I pray you are all in heaven together Rest In Peace

  5. 5:35 We get that wind in Southern Spain in the hot summers and it's murder causing the undergrowth to just ignite. In forestry areas there is a law stating that fire breaks should be made around property but rarely adhered to. One of the benefits here is we don't use wood to build we use concrete walls and roofs.

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