De Gea howlers & Maguire own goal gift Chelsea victory over Man Utd | FA Cup highlights


Watch highlights as two David de Gea errors and a Harry Maguire own goal see Chelsea beat Manchester United 3-1 to reach the FA Cup final where they will face Arsenal.

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De Gea howlers & Maguire own goal gift Chelsea victory over Man Utd | FA Cup highlights


Date: October 14, 2020

31 thoughts on “De Gea howlers & Maguire own goal gift Chelsea victory over Man Utd | FA Cup highlights

  1. People have been ripping into Maguire for years and yet he’s still somehow this star player according to his own team and the national team.

  2. Who cares Mickey mouse cup as uefa intended. When Man Utd pulled out that was beginning of the end of its reputation. UEFA wanted a league for the richest clubs to maximise $ and to demean domestic trophies. Unfortunately they have to put up with bate borat v chelsea and other bores before get to glamorous last 16. I mean they even looked at a way of getting glamour clubs in even if they finished outside top 4. Premier league has similar problem too many small unglamorous teams. Bigger clubs wallowing in lower leagues like Sunderland, Sheff Wed, Leeds , Forest. Even when big ones come up they are rubbish like Villa.

  3. Well… goalie should not have to be picking up the pieces if the fking defence can’t even get it past the halfway line. Do your job . Don’t rely on the Keeper. Ball shouldn’t be anywhere near him if you’re doing your job right. So if goalie is constant having to clean up your shit , forcing him to make baby saves ever 5 minutes , they’re going to start going in. Outfield twats.

  4. The three banter continues on.

    3 goals to put them through to a final with the side they faced in the same final 3 years ago

  5. All top goalkeepers make mistakes that what makes them better still think he's the best keeper in the world he is no ova keeper can do what he does saves he pulls off sik come on de gea

  6. Stitched up by fa Chelsea was always going to win with 2 days extra break after playing Norwich at home who are already down. United looked fucked

  7. why would a manager after a great run change the team for a FA cup semi, he obviously didn't want to win the cup. Poor by Ole, but De Gea was so bad, Roy Keane not wrong was he ? Pogba did bugger all again, But its all down to Ole.

  8. The first goal was not de gea's fault. The second yes he should do much better. The third, just no words. De Gea is still the best goalkeeper in the world

  9. funny how pundits blame de gea when the worst player who should leave asap is Williams, he was shocking and bad!

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