Depp VS Heard Documentaries Will Be Made! Daily Mail Uses the News to SMEAR Johnny Depp!


Depp VS Heard Documentaries Will Be Made! Daily Mail Uses the News to SMEAR Johnny Depp!

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Date: October 11, 2021

44 thoughts on “Depp VS Heard Documentaries Will Be Made! Daily Mail Uses the News to SMEAR Johnny Depp!

  1. One video for the day! One tomorrow around the same time! Appreciate the support and will have membership content out sometime soon!

  2. It’s not that my darling husband to be Johnny Depp would want to have that nightmare 💩💩show he’d rather forget about that when he wins his defamation case against 💩💩face

  3. My darling husband to be Johnny Depp would rather put that behind him as if he wants to be reminded of that total 💩💩show

  4. Well these people wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. They believe there own lies. How can they do a documentary when the American case is not over. But now a days it’s all about there truth not the truth

  5. I remember back in the late eighties or early nineties, The National Enquirer/Inquirer (didn’t read it, ever lol) printed a blatant lie that Burt Reynolds was gay and he took offense, sued them, and they had to pay him eight million dollars cash American. (No offense intended against anyone LGBTQ, only reporting something that happened over printing erroneous info…)

  6. Great…more #FAKENEWS…Let them…NOONE WILL WATCH EM😐😶😑and ONCE Johnny Wins his Virginia case THAT WILL SHUT UP THOSE IDIOTS AND THEN JOHNNY CAN SUE THEM ALL FOR SLANDERING HIS GOOD NAME and THIS TIME…the UK courts would HAVE to side with him, less they want to look foolish in front of the Americans lol

    OFCOURSE ITV is making this…THIS is why PiersMorgan QUIT because he was FED UP with the CONSTANT HYPOCRISY N DOUBLE STANDARDS of the ITV "NeWs"

    They are JUST AS BAD as BBC News.

  7. After the first UK trial, Johnny was ordered to pay $80 thousand to cover court costs. But she has since been required to pay legal fees to Johnny for the VA trial. Thank you for sharing. 💕

  8. Wait, Johnny Depp has to pay these ass***es almost a million dollars. Now I'm ANGRY.

    Thank you for all your work on these videos.

  9. Making a documentary to show Johnny as a bad dude would be as impossible as portraying Princess Diana as an evil witch – impossible!

  10. For this smear campaign to look believable, when showing video of Johnny they would need to cut out 'fan reactions' (cheering and chanting "we love you Johnny") and replace it with the BOOING aimed at Amanda!!

  11. For get ride of adds use the ad blocker or no script ! In my opinion no script is better (even for malware etc). But there is many programs for that for PC! 😁

  12. These trashy rags will use anything they can to smear Johnny. What is very strange here is why these people seem to have targeted Johnny of all people. I do have hope that the Virginia trial will be completely different than the London trial.

  13. "Depp lost against his ex" ett do they keep on for getting it was actually Depp against Murdoch, the huge media Mogul, and it as the Sun against him and that it was a corrupt Judge with personal ties to Murdoch.

  14. This is disgusting, he hasn't been fkn charged with anything. How can they slander him like that. Something needs to happen to bring the truth back into the picture.

  15. jon..hahaha..yes i think that was turds face. her, judge nicols , 'the sun' are full of hot air…they all make me cringe…sickos

  16. You guys on youtube had better unite and colab on a "produced feature" documentary quick or the money backed production companies will commandeer all the work you guys have done, separately and together. They will use each and evryone of you as a source and give zero acknowledgement.

  17. The documentaries need to be on crooked judges and unpaid promises to children and sisters & others that get pd to damn lie.
    Thank you Jon.

  18. I get pissed off when I see "downfall" used…..
    Did he go down a heavy drug route because of this?
    Did he stop working completely?
    Did he succumb to the misery that that thing put him through & end his life?

    Unless it's a yes to all those, there is no "downfall"

  19. . ,Waldman in the last 10 days has brought up the 911 DV call which she placed while living at the condo.’s my belief how he’s purposely and with intent trying to rub the “911 📞 “ in her face on social media just to remind the b*tch: “yeh, let’s have fun with this ..”
    There’s a really good chance that the officers who responded to the call were wearing body cams, unbeknownst to anyone else at the condo that day. ..👍🏻

  20. . .words going around that the L.A. (DA) officers who responded to her 911 call wore hidden body cams. ..if this is true then it stands to reason how the Brit judge allowed only limited testimony from LAPD or, disallowed all testimony. …it could also add weight to A.H.’s legal counsel suing or attempting to sue LAPD after the Brit lawsuit was done and a verdict was delivered last year. .✨.why would her counsel be so hellbent on choosing to sue the LAPD, what is it they’re needing to recover, perhaps file footage of a ‘normal condo’ and she not having visible bruises on her body ? . .

  21. If' this shit-doc does proceed. I cant see it being good for AH remotely. It will aim to be good for her, but it will raise more questions than answers. Why? because people will look into this more, they will see the lies and manipulation. 'If' it gets made, It will most certainly lead to a more legit and fare documentary later on. (after the next trail)

  22. Guess they are trying to make an opportunistic shit Doc before the next trial. The results of the trial may well undermine this proposed doc . However. With that in mind they set themselves up for a possible lawsuit of some kind. If I were Depps team. I would pre empt this by sending them a letter asking that they desist 'until' the next trial has been completed. As the purpose of the next trial is to show their 'doc' information is entirely based on lies (which of course they know). If they ignore that. It shows a pre meditated wilfulness to deceive the public and further smear Depps name.

  23. It's the Daily Fail, 🙄 they don't live on this planet! 😁 ITV is full of ad's as well between TV programmes! 🙄
    The Fail does NOT have journalists they have HACK'S…. liar's! 🙄😁

  24. Of course they are just ad machines! It's all about the money! This is an ill advised documentary. It appears that there is body cam footage of the night that Ms. Heard claimed the penthouse apartment was trashed… and it makes "Justice" Nicol look even more like an idiot for dismissing the Police testimony (because HE felt that they should have taken notes that American Police Officers DON'T TAKE ) and believing Ms. Heard, because the body cam footage is irrefutable proof. The thing about the tabloids is that they have no loyalty. Daily Mail is crediting themselves with "obtaining" the body cam footage. (HA!) It isn't that they support Mr. Depp — they just want the scoop in order to garner the views $$$!

  25. That daily mail crap covers my entire page so i cant even read the article…. i have a new laptop and not making the same mistake i made with my old one….. their ads NEVER stop…. whatever I am busy trying to do, those daily mail turds drop in, unwanted, all over the place. F the dm

  26. Have you seen the latest news? Ironically on the UK Daily Mail website. Exclusive. Johnny Depp has obtained police testimony & police webcam footage, to prove the penthouse looked undisturbed , the time Amber claimed Johnny attacked her and trashed it. Great news!

  27. Ok His "Down Fall", but EVERYDAY we see new info on this Bag of Crazy A.H. Lying to the World. Oh Lord a man can't fix his hair now without being stressed for doing something he DIDN'T do lol. Thanks e.H. as always a great Video.

  28. How do amber live with her self omg every dirty thing she doing will back fire 🔥 in her face karma coming for super hard how in the world 🌎 could people believe everything amber is saying she nothing but a lair

  29. We not stupid we know they going to lie about Johnny Depp we all know he never touch that lying 🤥 crazy 😜 amber it’s a shame shame to do him like that

  30. Hello Jon ! I Have Listened
    Still Subscribed, like button Smashed

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