Designing an Interactive Lifestyle Magazine with Angelo Montilla – 1 of 2


Join graphic designer Angelo Montilla as he designs the layout for a modern lifestyle magazine using InDesign. Over the next two days, he’ll create three unique spreads sharing his process for font selection and exploring the color theme tool. As an added bonus he’ll add interactivity to the magazine to enhance the reading experience!

Guest Angelo Montilla is a graphic designer based in Windsor, Ontario.

Host Alex Lazaris is the Creative Director of Lazaris, an independent brand studio based in Portland:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:30 Introduction of Angelo
06:00 Work begins/Creating a new file
09:00 Creating document guides & using masters
13:00 Typefaces and font settings
14:05 Trick to snap text frames to the borders of the text
22:00 Placing images within a spread
29:50 Using a gradient feather
33:00 Accessibility in InDesign
42:30 How to access the Units & Increments settings
44:40 Using overset text features
53:00 How to quickly/easily change isolated section character styles within a spread
56:00 Using Select Subject
01:03:10 Exploring the Caption Setup settings
01:07:40 Hotkeys for pasting text and other elements
01:10:00 How does Angelo get inspired?
01:20:20 Formatting the text for a food recipe


Date: September 11, 2021

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