Did Prince Harry Really Tell Off Meghan Markle In Public?! | Access


A tense moment between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is causing some tongues to wag. Watch to find out what happened.
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Did Prince Harry Really Tell Off Meghan Markle In Public?! | Access



Date: October 29, 2019

32 thoughts on “Did Prince Harry Really Tell Off Meghan Markle In Public?! | Access

  1. No matter how real Harry and Meghan try to be the tabloids just keep creating garbage to put out about them…It's a total shame!!! And If anyone say they never had a tense moment with their spouse they're lying and the truth ain't in them…This is disgusting I'm Done!!!

  2. I think these two people should have been made it should have been mandatory that the renovation of Frogmore Cottage would be paid for out of their bank account not the UK taxpayers money you are bombs an opportunist. Lights camera action

  3. Harry just wanted to be Married to a nice lady. he ended up with a nobody.he should have looked some were else .not no fake actress .never heard of suits.loser💔💔💔💔.

  4. Meagan Markle's father is publishing letters to earn money. He is the product of America and is materialistic and granny. His daughter is similar and foolish Harry is caught up and blinded by Meagan's s narcissistic love bombing. This will end in a very expensive divorce case
    And Harry will return to girls from his background where he can feel comfortable
    This union with Meagan feels forced and fake with the constant holding of handd

  5. This crap is driving me batty. So tired of these lies about the Sussexs ….
    Meghan had little Archie with her and she was probably asking Harry the time, since she breast feed and he might've said around whatever time.
    These dumb so call lip readers should be put in jail for telling lies on Meghan and Harry. Unless you ask someone who was with them, you cannot know what Harry said to Meghan. Did you read noone else lips on that balcony????

  6. If this is "scolding", than im pretty sure ive committed multiple counts of manslaughter on my girlfriend…gtfo of here with this garbage man. What a piece of shit video and an even runnier piece of shit conclusion to jump too.

  7. I’m not a royal fan of any sort (actually think monarchies should abolished), but remember they just had a baby so I’m sure things are tense right now because a baby changes your relationship. I wouldn’t just assume he wasn’t being short with her as he is human as well, and yes she has to follow royal rules. He could have at least smiled when he told her to turn around! She did look like she was holding back tears, but again she just had a baby and I’m sure is still emotional!

  8. Race no matter. You know the protocol turn yo ass around, your husband already appeared to ask you once so why the hell are you still turning around talking. This ish! Moving On

  9. It's common sense & respect to look forward during any national anthem. Just like Americans stand up, take off their hats & place their hand over their heart. Nothing to due with royal protocol. She just doesn't know how to be respectful.

  10. Ok so everyone else is talking, was she the only one too watch what was going on in the air??? No wonder Princess Diana ran with the clothes on her back!!!! Meghan is the ONLY ray of sunshine the rest of them look completely constipated and up tight.

  11. Meghan act just like them, you can't be normal when you're part of the royal family all you have to do is be one of them simple. Then behind the curtain you can be yourself. It's all acting simple as that. You're an actress do it. That's what the poms like give it to them.

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