Did You Even Know You Loved History?


Jon talks about the importance of rediscovering history.

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Date: October 16, 2020

37 thoughts on “Did You Even Know You Loved History?

  1. I feel the exact same way with historical european martial arts. It's one thing to look at a drawing and see two men in the 1500s having a dual, it's another thing to pick up a sword and actually have a dual yourself while using the techniques that those men had been taught all those centuries before. It's such an amazing thrill to be able to get a glimpse of what the world what like back then.

  2. Can you share your re-enactment personas with us. I really enjoyed the getting started video series. And saw the swanky beer episode where you said you were mr Townsend. It made me think about how you engage at these events.

  3. Hi Jon. I️’m currently finishing up my undergraduate in American history. Your channel has helped me keep face while working through the hardships and constant work of college. Your channel is always on when I’m doing homework, it helps me keep focus seeing someone living and doing history daily. Even though I️ study a different era (I️ have a particular interest in the Russian Revolution and World War I) but it gives me hope for my own future. Thanks for the great videos, thanks for the great content, and most importantly thank you for helping preserve the past.

  4. I have loved history since I was about 6 years old and my mother took me to an antique store. I agree that for many just reading about it can leave one disassociated from it. It's in a book and while interesting it is a fact. I worked for the archeological lab for my university for 4 years and it is an experience. The little things you find, rediscover. And we were finding only stuff from about 1840's at the oldest. It's amazing, and an experience I think so many lovers of history will enjoy. Tough physical work, but such an enjoyment. I miss it, even the translating of old legal documents. lol. Just something to share I think.

  5. It was the cooking stuff that first attracted me but there is so much more that has me digging through your big collection of videos. It is a fortunate individual who can make a living at something he would do for free, something he or she truly loves. That is a huge win in life.

  6. One thing history has taught me is that modern humans all have the same brain. People were at least as intelligent as we are for at least the last fifty thousand years.
    When you start looking at the details of the lives of previous people, it is easy to see how "modern" people were, in their own time. That is to say many saw themselves as very modern and superior to those who came before them.

    That was certainly true of the Romans.They were very like us in many, many ways. They had a view of themselves, as very modern members of an advanced technological culture, that was very similar to how modern Americans view themselves.

    It is easier to understand where you are, if you know how you got there.

  7. I love history because its His Story. God is in it. And I see His handiwork and supernatural miracles throughout our American history.

  8. This Guy's passion and sincerity for his love of history does so much to help me be enthusiastic about history

  9. Great Article at Daily Mail.
    Jonathan it is always a pleasure to watch your videos. You always seem to be so happy and your excitement and love for what you do and the history you share is both obvious and infectious.
    Looking at the pictures in the article in one of the pictures if the caption hadn't said it was your Dad I would have thought it was you.

  10. I just loved the pemmican video i was looking at ways to make it a more modern twist… I thought that a smoked then dried brisket mixed with foi gras for the fat and semi dried apricot…. perhaps that would make a wonderful dish?

  11. If John wants to do anything on Spain, let me know! I live in Castilla La Mancha and know a few folks with a passion for history and reenactment.

  12. Just subscribed to your channel yesterday! How wonderful to get historical cooking lessons! Thank you 😀. By any chance, have you come across any documented 18th century recipes that use Lavender? I love Lavender and I grow it in my herb garden and would love to have some historical cooking recipes that use it. Thank you.

  13. It is sad how people today think we don't need to know how to do things from the past. If we lost the use of technology they would be lost.

  14. Fantastic video. History, to me, has always been like a direct connection to the past. When I visit a museum, watch a documentary, or talk with people who were there (eg. WWII vets), I feel as if I am temporarily transported to that different time.

  15. Your videos got me interested in the history of my own city, Australia and the States seem fairly similar but still, cool differences

  16. I love this explanation. I have always loved history and found the little nuggets of information about how history to be my personal treasure hunt.

  17. I actually found this channel in trying to learn cooking over an open flame without modern equipment, the history was simply a fun bonus. 😛 Plus, my mother's a violinist, so the fiddling and general asthetic of the channel is just a very homey atmosphere to me.

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