Discovery Channel's Born Animal – SNOWBALL & FRIENDS


Irena Schulz of Bird Lovers Only hosts SNOWBALL & FRIENDS on Discovery Channel’s Born Animal. On this segment we explore the relationship between two parrots at Bird Lovers Only – Joey, a male greenwing macaw, and Millie, a female military macaw.
Bird Lovers Only is a 501c3 not for profit bird sanctuary which operates off of public support through charitable donations. Please visit our main web site at http://www.birdloversonly.org to receive Snowball DVDs, tshirts, and other items in return for your donations.
A very special thank you to Jennifer Viegas for the opportunity to enlighten the public on the complexities of parrots through Discovery Channel’s “Born Animal.”
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Date: October 15, 2019

22 thoughts on “Discovery Channel's Born Animal – SNOWBALL & FRIENDS

  1. That's exactly what that would mean. I would, however, be extremely careful as to who takes over as his guardian…as I would any other bird that I love.
    Irena Schulz – Bird Lovers Only

  2. It has not been picked up on cable as of yet. Please contact Discovery to encourage them to pick this up on cable. It is online at Discovery News "Born Animal" at this point. This could be a very informative and especially entertaining weekly series.
    Irena Schulz – Bird Lovers Only

  3. Yes, it's really for the Discovery channel. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I am forever biting off more than I can chew…but it keeps me out of trouble.
    Irena Schulz – Bird Lovers Only

  4. I really wish you lived closer to me! I would love to volunteer my time to help with all the birds! I'm in school to be a veterinarian and my focus is on avian/exotic medicine. If you know of any bird rescues in the Cincinnati area, would you mind letting me know?

  5. Snowball is a cockatoo. Cockatiels are the smaller cousins to the cockatoos. The larger parrots require a diet consisting of a wide variety of foods such as fruits, veggies (raw or as close to raw as possible), nuts, pasta. NEVER feed birds junk foods such as chips, fries, sweets, salty foods, chocolate, cookies, etc. I hope you are adopting a bird since there are so many homeless birds in need of a good home.
    Irena Schulz – Bird Lovers Only

  6. i am so glad that you showed mashed potatoe as my african grey loves it, i was worried i was giving her the wrong think and she loves eggs lol but it is so hard to keep her amused lol just to have peace i some times give her a whole corn on the cob :-))

  7. I tried to capture the real thing on video, but there are actually a few birds, including Snowball, that toss their food at me AND THEN LAUGH!!!
    Irena Schulz – Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc.

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