Disruptors: Smart power – BBC News


The push towards renewable energy and the quest for greater efficiency mean that we need to find more ways of storing energy.

This is part of the BBC’s Disruptors series.

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Date: August 13, 2019

42 thoughts on “Disruptors: Smart power – BBC News

  1. The BBC reading out aloud renewable energy industry propaganda pamphlets. Most of the contents of this video are pure BS. It would take the new Tesla battery factory 99 years to make enough batteries for one day's energy storage for the USA. The BBC just blithely repeats it without question. One day the penny will drop that storage is not viable, but by then the wealthy billionaires will have pocketed the money and shut up shop, leaving taxpayers to pay for clearing up the mess.

  2. There are ways to produce saleable energy supply at any location 24/7 with more modern methods than old wind & solar through large transmission lines and into storage. I came across some presentation videos from an energy design lab called H2IL They have some revolutionary, game-changing technology that looks very interesting. It could be the biggest thing since energy itself.. Worth looking into.

  3. The next generation of Nuclear Energy will be the cleanest, safest and most efficient way of producing and supplying electricity. Solar and wind will never match our energy needs

  4. Bull puckey. I see the problem here. Based on the losses you speak of, you morons have your heads up your asses and do not have a clue on how to get it out. The "experts" strike again! Just like the Fukushima morons! The real problem? If we find a renewable solution that works then Big Oil is busted, and they are the largest money making business in the history of the world. Renewables are being suppressed real hard as a result. Here is the truth.

  5. The cold air battery, doesn't seem be a battery at all. It looks like a power generation engine, using liquid nitrogen for fuel. Perhaps a little more explanation of the process, would be useful here?

  6. I thought we answered the question DC vs AC back in Tesla's day DC power is very inefficient for the grid so why are we trying to make huge battery plants and use batteries in general 4 large utility companies it almost sounds like we're trying to do exactly what Edison wanted which we all know how that went

  7. If the government would give carbon bucks from all the taxes they collect on resources companies we could invest.The liberal government bought petro Canada years ago and now They bought a pipeline. These purchases where made with tax payers money. Where are the royalties cheques ?We could invest in solar and wind . we can’t buy anything with a carbon tax.

  8. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't include Energy Vault in their list of disruptive energy technologies. Energy Vault is essentially a gravity battery technology, but they amusingly describe themselves as hydro-electric technolgy using cement blocks instead of running water.

  9. All the money and time spent on wind and solar would be much better used to develop Thorium nuclear energy….clean and safe….much better energy source than all the crazy wind turbines that require so much land space and only provide sporadic energy. We need an energy system that can provide clean and steady energy that doesn’t require expensive and dirty gigantic storage batteries….Nuclear, when used correctly, is nothing to be afraid of….think of all the happy birds we would save !

  10. We wouldn't be facing any storage problems if we were to use the perfectly fine technology that already exists: nuclear energy. Nuclear power provides zero carbon 24/7 energy. But we confuse fear with danger and decided to burn the world instead.

  11. BBoxx and Azuri are great companies, if one has good manufacturing like to see them join with BioLite. Make something based around the BioLite SolarHome 620 a unit comes as low as $120 including two lights solar and battery, radio. BioLite operates in Kenya.

  12. Indianapolis has a (battery)energy shortage array . It is used in conjunction with renewable sources such as solar🌞 (seemingly growing every day) & wind 🌬. They are also turning to natural gas more in the fossil fuel area. (Gas turbine generators, etc.)
    This is being done on the grid by power provider Indianapolis Power and Light. ⚡

  13. This VTG thing won't work. People charge their cars at night so they can drive them around during the day. They don't charge them during the day to use the battery to watch tv at night and probably never will.

  14. I like the idea of micro-hydroelectricity. There are lots of places to store water for micro-hydro. It could be stored inside the walls of large tall buildings absorbing heat in the summer then drain it through the turbines at night. Water works as an insulator in the winter as well. Mirco-hydro in underground storm water runoff and reservoirs could also be built.
    We could also invest more in energy efficiency. Don't just think of new ways to produce more power and store more power but rethink how we use power. Do we all really need to commute to an office everyday? Would people really be opposed to living underground where temperatures change very little? What if the goods and services were produced closer to where they were consumed or transported more efficiently? What if we could grow floating oxygen producing islands in the middle of the oceans?

  15. Tories are bad for the environment they have –
    Outlawed onshore wind power, the cheapest form of energy
    Forced fracking on unwilling communities
    Cut incentives to buy EVs
    Cut funding for tidel power
    Yet have given £billion in subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear.

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