The push towards renewable energy and the quest for greater efficiency mean that we need to find more ways of storing energy.

This is part of the BBC’s Disruptors series.

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  1. BBoxx and Azuri are great companies, if one has good manufacturing like to see them join with BioLite. Make something based around the BioLite SolarHome 620 a unit comes as low as $120 including two lights solar and battery, radio. BioLite operates in Kenya.

  2. Indianapolis has a (battery)energy shortage array . It is used in conjunction with renewable sources such as solar🌞 (seemingly growing every day) & wind 🌬. They are also turning to natural gas more in the fossil fuel area. (Gas turbine generators, etc.)
    This is being done on the grid by power provider Indianapolis Power and Light. ⚡

  3. Thermal-dynamics not waisted energy. Waisted energy is when we shut off the power from wind turbines because we can't use the excess power. And until we get drive on connections to electric cars, I'm not plugging and unplugging a car every time I park. We also don't have battery recycling costs down low enough to discharge just for the grid. Yes, getting 5%+ energy back from a double thermal energy conversion is far better than just turning off free power production. My money is on pumped hydro for areas with mountains and Iron/salt flow batteries for large scale storage for flat landers. But by all means, try everything, There are lessons in a single failure that are worth more than a thousand failures. So from my seat you have 2 great things to accomplish, taking a lesser form of energy storage and making it work good enough and 2, learning something that can improve another technology.

  4. This VTG thing won't work. People charge their cars at night so they can drive them around during the day. They don't charge them during the day to use the battery to watch tv at night and probably never will.

  5. I like the idea of micro-hydroelectricity. There are lots of places to store water for micro-hydro. It could be stored inside the walls of large tall buildings absorbing heat in the summer then drain it through the turbines at night. Water works as an insulator in the winter as well. Mirco-hydro in underground storm water runoff and reservoirs could also be built.
    We could also invest more in energy efficiency. Don't just think of new ways to produce more power and store more power but rethink how we use power. Do we all really need to commute to an office everyday? Would people really be opposed to living underground where temperatures change very little? What if the goods and services were produced closer to where they were consumed or transported more efficiently? What if we could grow floating oxygen producing islands in the middle of the oceans?

  6. Tories are bad for the environment they have –
    Outlawed onshore wind power, the cheapest form of energy
    Forced fracking on unwilling communities
    Cut incentives to buy EVs
    Cut funding for tidel power
    Yet have given £billion in subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear.


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