DJ NTD – Provider, Tamer, Destroyer – I.) The River




Highlights from the essay:

“We start with ‘The River,’ which was primarily inspired by folk music of the African variety, particularly Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lebo M, and James Horner’s work on Avatar. Although I openly dislike the movie overall, I am helpless but to admire how Horner, not James Cameron, brought the third dimension to the movie: music. Horner absorbed every single tribal culture into the roots of his little musical cabbages and made a killer soundtrack salad.

Through ‘The River,’ I tended to do the same: To capture everything that was right in our bond with nature….We [were] born and raised in this utopia, into nature’s embrace, into the utmost state of holiness. ‘Part and particle of God,’ as Emerson put it.

The Hindus had a phrase for our relationship with nature: Aum, the embodiment of all that is peaceful, all that is divine.”
This was definitely my favorite track to listen to as well as put together. I’d always been inkling to put a folk song with isicathamiya influences. I was on the fence of putting the pad and sawtooth synths in there, but they added so much depth to the spectrum and give it a subtle touch of “synthetic” that I like.

If you’d like to use this in a film, flash, etc., please feel free to contact me and ask for permission. I’d be more than happy to see this used in someone else’s work.


Date: August 12, 2020

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