Do MASKS affect your OXYGEN levels? // DOCTOR Covid-19 Vlog #24


With face masks becoming mandatory in shops as of next week in the UK, Dr Sonia and I try out a few different masks and debunk the idea that they reduce the oxygen levels in your blood!

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Date: October 14, 2020

34 thoughts on “Do MASKS affect your OXYGEN levels? // DOCTOR Covid-19 Vlog #24

  1. This is ridiculous, hasn't to do with moisture. Use an OSHA air quality monitor. Normal oxygen environment is 20 or 21. OSHA requires atleast 19.5 for working conditions. A mask may create oxygen levels environment around 17.5 inside the mask. There is less oxygen.
    Think of it like high altitudes in the mountains. Most people's body will adjust quickly if they are engaged in low-key activities like sitting or walking, they may need to breathe more often, and as such, blood saturation naturally won't be affected. For others, like those who have asthma, will naturally feel the strain more acutely, our bodies are all different, but the body always tries to adapt one way or other so that blood is sufficiently saturated.
    I think many people who get easily upset at wearing masks are deep breathers, and they feel the shortage of oxygen more noticeably than average breathers, they are perhaps 2x more uncomfortable and get easily pugilant at being forced to be deprived of their comfortable breathing oxygen levels. Feeling oxygen deprived is not fun, no matter where that threshold is for your individual body.
    Many athletes will train in high altitudes so that more blood vessels can develop and efficiently deliver oxygen around the heart, lungs, and body in oxygen poor conditions so that in normal oxygen conditions, blood saturation will still be super good under strain.
    So this blood saturation argument is really a strawman argument, it doesn't show that we are indeed working with lower oxygen and the body has to work harder to get our normal dose so that blood is indeed saturated.

  2. I have Asthma but I'm still required to wear one in public and at my Social Service job. I really can't wear one…it's very hard. I've almost passed out,due to wearing them. So
    Ive literally quit riding public transportation, if I can walk to wear I need to go. Also at work, I take it off ALOT or wear it VERY limitedly.
    I get very dizzy, my Asthma gets way worse and/or frequent, I now also get massive hypoxic headaches which I've NEVER had before, and so many other issues happen with me wearing a 😷.
    Also UT.,U.S.A get inversions alot and 😷, Asthma, and inversions/poor air quality just doesn't do it for me. 😷 just are a MAJOR complicaton for me an Asthmatic.

  3. When your mask gets sucked in as you breath… it IS preventing the FULL amount of OXYGEN your body is TRYING to take in. Drs who say this isn't so, are NOT allowed to give me ANY medical attention!

  4. idiotic comparisons and the fact that the real myth is " these masks will not stop something the size of this virus or any other for that matter" – if you sneeze generally a half competent human will not do it in someone else's face – wake up you scientist wannabees – it is a control device – next video – at least give us a bleat so no time is wasted reducing our collective IQ with you.

  5. Deceptive. The wrong test. Of course anyone who isn't very ill will adapt to lower ambient oxygen levels ,but there is a physical cost to that. You should be testing the ambient oxygen levels in the mask, not blood oxgen saturation.
    Also the sneeze guard argument is stupid. A face sheild is an effective sneeze guard , and people can use a tissue under it. . people take masks off to sneeze , or otherwise stew in and incubate the germs in their mask.

  6. I was laid off for about 2 months. When I came back I had to go through screening and that almost made me late for work. I hurried to my work space, and the mask made my breathing almost impossible. I sat down in the meeting area, and I was gasping and wheezing for air for 15 minutes (which my supervisor never noticed). I have ordered one of these devices, which are called pulse oximeters, and I intend to run a few tests of my own. The tests will be done scientifically, with control groups, unlike what you did.
    I was in a store one day with a mask on, buying heavy items and exerting myself. The mask screwed up my breathing badly. The instant I got outside, I took it off, and my breath returned to normal quickly.

  7. Here is a concept from me…a mechanical engineer.
    Filters have surface area and free(unobstructed) area.
    Anything that is filtering the air has a restricted free area by definition. That restriction takes more pressure to move the same volume of air through the filter. Thats why your hvac system has a certain horsepower fan. The fan must overcome the energy needed to move the air through the ducts as well as the filter.

    If you cover your mouth and nose with a filter….it WILL take more work to move the same volume of air than just mouth and nose unobstructed. It's physics…..there is no choice.
    People want to always " follow the science". We'll that's some provable science on filters.

  8. Your lack of research and pretending that masks are doing any good or saving lives, is a risk to having any rights at all.

  9. Nothing against wearing a mask at hospitals, nursing homes, around people at high risk.
    Totally against the government using fake news and holding back the truth about this virus.

  10. There horrible, if you have any breathing issues u just can’t breath in them ! Fact ! your nose runs more , your touch
    Your face and nose more , and as you said it solves nothing as it can’t stop any 🦠 virus so what bull.
    And anyone with asthma or copd should not have to wear them. Who sneezes all the time anyway stop being so silly.
    You end up breathing in wet air , can’t be good , love the way even this woman kept taking it off then, rubbing
    Her red face ! Haha, covid is a joke ask the president of Belarusia , he admitted top people tried to bribe him millions
    To crash the economy by forcing lockdowns etc, he stood up and sad no ! Good for him !

  11. I'm sick of hearing of people who complain of headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, skin problems, heart palpitations, bad breath, exacerbation of asthma and other breathing issues, and Dentists finding increases in gum inflammation and decay from wearing masks and all these being made light of. I have seen these problems dismissed as unimportant, and likened to a drug side-effect, and it is true that many may be transitory. But many countries are mandating masks both indoors and outdoors, so that people are having to wear them for very long periods. When is there going to be a proper scientific investigation into not just whether masks may be marginally effective, but on what possible harms they may do at the same time? Masks pose a stress on the body, and we know that stress is immunosuppressive. We also now know how critically important the microbiome is to immunity – where are the studies that investigate the effects of long term mask-wearing on blood chemistry, hormonal balance, immune function and the microbiome. Surely there are some scientists out there who feel this is worth doing. At the moment this is a giant uncontrolled experiment with people's lives.

  12. I have no doubt that sticking on a surgical mask for 15 minutes while you pop to the shop won't be any bother for your 02 sats, and certainly won't effect you if you''re sat at a table doing nothing (like the hosts here). I have to wear a mask for a 12 hour shift. Since i began doing this i get tired at work after about 5 hours, when i'd normally be ok. I've had to start taking my asthma spray regularly (that i've not used regularly for 35 years) and me and all my colleagues have got dry throats. These surgical masks are not designed to be used for long periods of time and WILL restrict your 02 intake.

  13. I'd be curious to see a test where you go run around for 10 minutes wearing a mask vs not. Personally I'm fine if I'm sitting at my desk doing nothing wearing a mask, it's when I have to start lifting heavy stuff around, walking up several flights of stairs, and just general physical stuff my job entails that I have problems feeling weak/dizzy/nauseous. The 10 minute walk from where I work to where I park which has a few flights of stairs, by the time I get back to my car I feel like I'm going to pass out and usually just have to sit in my car for ~10 minutes before I feel safe driving home.

  14. Thank you for using a toy designed for kindergartners to explain a concept understandable by kindergartners to mid-lifers who are more interested in being contrary than being healthy.

  15. You are just sitting and only wearing them for a very short time. Try walking around for a few hours and see what your oxygen level is. You won't get the same results.

  16. Try a few hours later not a few minutes you dummy's. And do a thorough test on c02 and oxygen levels of blood and also swab outside of the mouth after wearing the mask all day and measure bacteria and viruses as opposed to not wearing one.

  17. just as a thought experiment for people, I personally am against the mandatory masks, this doesn't mean I don't wear them. and as an advocate of noT having masks be MANDATED an argument I would make is do you think it is a slippery slope to tell everyone they need to wear masks, obviously the science indicate that they help but they would also help with many other things the flu for example or any other disease that might be passed via the air, so should we mandate the wearing of masks for all those diseases as well essentially what is special about COVID. As stated before this is merely a thought experiment so please be civil, I was just hoping to hear people's opinion on this as the evidence is clear and it appears as a matter of principle rather than what's best.

  18. My country recently passed mask wearing as a law. There are hefty fines for first and second offences. Fourth offences and over you can even do jail time. That's how ridiculous it became here. I'm so embarrassed. Just wear it. It's that or increase your chance of getting sick, or getting others sick if you're asymptomatic.

  19. Hi again Drs. I'm sure that you genuinely believe it is important for people to wear masks, but please take seriously the concerns of those who have reservations. This should not be an issue of belief or political persuasion. We all want the same thing in the end, i.e. to minimise suffering and death, but the evidence in favour of masks is by no means overwhelming. I have come to see masks as unhygienic and largely ineffective, with the potential to cause immune suppression which would render us more susceptible not only to Covid, but also any other infection, as well as cancer.

  20. Stupid analogy using the blitz putting on lights, to face covering. THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THEY ARE BENEFICIAL. It's PSYCHOLOGICAL. Makes the person feel safe. Recommend you listen to Dr BUTTAR.

  21. Stop talking rubbish. Try doing a heavy manual job in high heat. It not only effect your oxygen levels but greatly increases heart rate. You are both sitting on your butt. Even standing around in an operating theatre is hardly going to effect your levels ,compared to heavy manual work .

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