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Date: January 15, 2020

34 thoughts on “Doctor vs Dentist || School, Lifestyle, Salary

  1. I hate how these so called developed countries like UK never used to confer the title of Dr for dentists but they are now slowly catching with the rest of the world which means dentists there can use the title '' Dr''

  2. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY and SANITY SAKE, JUST FLEE FROM BAD DENTISTS@SHOREVIEW DENTAL WHO gave me, Andrew F. and others clients TEETH DRILLING HELL. I visited Shoreview Dental office for an exam, X-rays and teeth cleaning in May 2017, in response to their $99 new client special offer. However, when I got my teeth cleaned, the dental hygienist Jane POWER DRILLS my teeth instead of cleaning them. She, dropped her drill in panic, and RAN OUT OF the room. I waited for 10 minutes and she ran back like a parrot to yell at me, "We lost power! We lost power!" and shoved me into the next room into the waiting arms of
    FAT grinning office manager Mabel. Jane, you irking me now.Too weird. I told her that, "But, you're not finished!" I looked around, NO power outtage. Clients still around; lights still ON. Grinning Mabel foisted upon me a $3100 bridgework repair bill. WTH?? Walked in with perfect intact teeth; walked out with chipped tooth. I was disgusted and felt that everyone in the dental office including the dental hygienist Jane, office manager Mabel, and BAD DENTIST Dr. Hessam AHANI conspired TOGETHER to commit medical billing FRAUD by DRILLING FOR DOLLARS GOOD teeth against me, new client, and then, charging me $3100 for the molar damage. Blatant SCAM. I walked out of the office disgusted and shocked by such an obvious SCAM. I REFUSED to pay CRIMINALS.

    Secondly, Dr. Ahani billed me $433 for the $99 special, but I protested and finally, he relented and agreed to me paying the advertised $99; false advertising.

    Hence, third, I sued Dr. AHANI for gross negligence in court, but he hired his lawyer Mr. Goldman, to concoct a court document declaring the doctor's innocence complete with FAKE narrative to distract, saying that I came into his office with bloody gums and teeth; FAKE evidence, A pic of SOME KID'S molar on a court document. Perjury. Even in court, the judge asked if Dr. Ahani chipped my tooth. Dr. Ahani replied, "YES." WTH??

    Fourth, Dr. Ahani and his office falsely accused me of "harassing and stalking the staff" as a reason to fire me as a new client in his lawyer's letter: libel. Instead, his staff Harassed and stalked client Brian S for OVER 1 YEAR for leaving them. CRIMINAL.

    Fifth, Dr. Ahani has been flagging down my online customer reviews, stalking me, removing all of my Yelp.com posts, even shut DOWN my account. Free speech nazi.

    Sixth, I reported dental hygienist Jane to the CA. Dental Board of Hygienists, and awaiting their investigations.

    Seventh, Shoreview Dental office has been SPAM mailing my apt building and me with deceptive business flyers for 3 years now promising new clients, "Your Safety Comes First." This is false advertising as I never felt safe when Jane power DRILLED my teeth instead of cleaning them; felt now that she did it INTENTIONALLY so that Dr. AHANI could charge ME for PRE-Planned dental repair work immediately after injuring me; what a SCAM; medical billing FRAUD. Another client, Andrew F in 2013 had his good teeth DRILLED IN to make way for a crown job. CRIMINAL.

    Eight, I've reported Shoreview Dental the last year to many local and federal agencies, but only could accept my claim but referred me to sue Dr. AHANI in court.

    Nine, I am NOT the only victim of negligence and SCAM at the hands of Dr. AHANI; at least a 3rd injured client who SUED him and won in 2018; their lawyer has told me so via email; the doctor settled out of court for injuries caused by this office.

    Ten, meanwhile, ever since May 2017, I have suffered bleeding gums, intense skull and dental pains, chewing issues, and a permanent SPLIT MOLAR that can NOT be repaired. In short, Dr. Hessam AHANI and Shoreview Dental and his lawyer has constantly LIED(even in court) and covered UP their medical billing FRAUD scheme on new naive clients.

    This PRE-meditated SCAM clearly involves his ENTIRE staff. WHERE ARE the arrests??This is clearly, A FELONY and this SCAM must STOP to PROTECT others. It is TOO late for some of us however. FILE A POLICE REPORT IF YOU SEE THIS CRIME. I did. GET A GOOD LAWYER too. Be safe and WIN.

  3. You left out a lot of information about physicians. Average salary for primary care physicians was about 200k, but subspecialists make way more. You also have to remember that physicians don't all work in hospitals and can work part time while still making a ton and with a great work life balance. There is locoms tenens that medical professionals can do and make over thirty dollars an hour more than base pay for primary care. Neurosurgeons can make a million a year doing this and work half the month. If you want to be a doctor but you are afraid of the work life balance, don't just go be a dentist because you can work less. Be a doctor and figure out work life balance. Be a dentist if your want to be a dentist. Also, who cares about how much money you make? You should ask want to do your job for free. You become a medical professional you become a servant to your community. If you can't handle that then please do something else. Forget the money.

  4. you should only become a dentist if you want to be a dentist. same if you want to be an an MD. Nobody should be applying to both and have DDS as the back up plan. Become man-i can tell people-. being a dentist you have to be a robot all day- calm, steady and work in a tight environment-non stop. Even as a general dentist- can only compare this to a physician who has to be calm and steady all day-ie. some form of medical surgeon. . I have been a dentist for 17 yrs. and have owned multiple offices. What you do after you graduate makes the difference- you can be an entrepreneur being an MD or DDS. You can be rich or poor or half ass dentist or MD. Degree does not mean anything in terms of wealth. The richest dentists I know- have owned and operated big offices having associates for the most part. school and what you do after are way different. Dentistry is a very physically and mentally challenging profession. Being a specialist in either fields-does not necessarily mean more money. It may be more money as you the DR doing all the work as as one man show-often leads to burn out. . Good video. I just don't see a point of someone comparing the 2 professions-do one or the other. what if you hate working with your hands, did not get into MD and then go into DDS. Happened to one of my friends- and after 3rd year- he dropped out of DDS by choice. He entered DDS to please his parents-and of course his parents-who were not either DDS or MDs- wanted him to be one or the other. My advice I will be giving to my kids- only become a dentist if you really want to be one

  5. I'm hoping to get into dental school one day. I thought about medical school but after researching it and seeing the average work weeks of 60+ hours for doctors I was just "nope, fuck that." I will gladly take more free time as dentist to actually enjoy my money than spend my whole life working.

    I'm not trying to insult doctors at all, got nothing but respect for them, but honestly sounds more like a lifestyle choice than a career and I don't think many people, myself included, couldn't do it.

  6. It was stated the doctor once in practice would spend a certain amount of time on call. In my area of the country (FL, AL, GA) very few doctors are on call as once termed. Most if not all the hospital in my area hire hospitalist freeing the doctor in private practice from being on call.

  7. Physicians make x1.6 that, on average. Average salary for all physicians who shared their salaries is $313k in 2019 and $299k in 2018. Your numbers were off, check via MedScape for the raw and more reliable data.

  8. I mean come on guys a doctor is doctor man i want to be a pediatric dentist dentist are cool!! Lmfao but yea a doctor is the closest thing to a super hero/ superman a dentist is like a wolverine i like wolverine better but superman can fly lol and s dooctor is i think alot more dificult.

  9. So what is the point of being paid all that money if you have to work all the time and can't really enjoy it? Sure, your wife/husband is fine. They get to live lake side in a beautiful home with all the toys, buy the kids pizza every night, but you are stuck in a office drilling out tooth decay.

  10. hey man, BORING af. please look at Donut Media on youtube for how to make boring sht sound awesome and amazing and interesting. likely to be applying to either med school or dental school in 10 years after getting my B.S. in engineering and an MBA… thanks for reading bro

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