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  1. Dear Elephant breeders, the truth is that the number of elephants is very high, because they have lost control there are many groups to care for the elephants, the predators have disappeared, the bargains that take care of the elephants are many, and these same kill the predators, the truth is that gorillas, apes, buffalo varieties of deer, the veritable is that they kill animals so much less, the Elephants. and the Hiccups, and the Rinos.

  2. I saw a documentary where elephants left for chobe river and a pregnant lion mother with her three daughters also left because of pride takeover can anyone give me the link of that documentary???

  3. In fact , the days old lost elephant calf was not rejected by the herd even the first time. When the matriarch gave an invitation trunk sign to the calf, the calf did not respond or follow the herd, only when the hyenas showed up again, the calf cried, so the herd returned. And this time, the calf followed them.

  4. I love elephants–and I generally enjoy elephant documentaries. But I don't think this one deserved any prize for writing. The melodramatic tones and exaggerated claims of the goodness and intelligence of the species rather distracted from fully appreciating the magnificence of these animals. But then, when did National Geographic manage to escape the clutches of Tinsel Town?


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