Double jab offers 'real prospect' of travel from UK says Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson it will be ‘more difficult’ to take a holiday this summer, but vaccination may allow a chance to open up travel from the UK. The UK may allow more travel to other countries, however a rise in cases of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in the UK could cause countries in the EU and beyond to put some restrictions on travellers from Britain
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Boris Johnson signals potential ‘double jab’ Covid quarantine exemption ►

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Date: September 11, 2021

44 thoughts on “Double jab offers 'real prospect' of travel from UK says Boris Johnson

  1. Well they always "follow the science". So please point me to the science which shows that double jabbed people are somehow resistant to catching, falling ill from and transmitting the virus?? What about "vaccine induced asymptomatic spread"??

  2. Forcing people into quarantine against their will amounts to kidnapping. Look up chris sky from canada who managed to get people to avoid quarantine by asserting their human rights.

  3. Let's hope it happens. We have had our rights taken away for two long and deaths are almost 0. Better than labour anyhow Keir "I haven't seen a lockdown measure I don't like " starmer extend the bans forever.

  4. Standing in front of a military vehicle bigging up the vaccination program, when soldiers going abroad remain unvaccinated.

  5. Amir jan please boras Johnson help me British government give me land so I have brutish documents 1917 but pakistani government dont help me please i have documents

  6. Everyone getting bullied into this, I'll wait the 3 years and have mine, see how everyone gets on. You can have two experts, that both say different things, but then who is the real experts? The goverment wants to push an agenda, you must be brain dead if you don't think something is slightly dodgy

  7. You lot are Giving Boris too much Credit. He’s just another imbecile in the pantomime of parliament. He doesn’t Govern the Country.

  8. stop advertising travel, stay at home stay safe, most countries do not want the UK entering their countries, because the Brits are not safe

  9. No more masks and no more rules, I'm not listening no more and I hope I'm not the only one. The rich don't care about this virus too much so why should I

  10. How will I be able to travel, if the double jab has injured or maybe killed me?????you evil of evil, criminal of criminal, murderer Boris Johnson together with your gang of globalist cabal gangsters

  11. It just feels unfair that if you need to go to a less developed country you have to deal with the hotel quarantine
    I need to visit family not to site on a beach yet I cant because i cant afford to pay that


  13. stay home and spend your money here why give it to the EU , im not having an experimental jab just to go on holiday , englands lovly this time of year , i wonder what his next blackmail will be , ohh yeah and sack hancock hes a disgusting perv.

  14. And what if we CAN'T get the jabs! I have an extreme chronic pain problem which spreads with even the smallest deep injury. The last time someone stuck a needle in me, it totally ruined my life and 20 years later, I still struggle walking every day and have had to totally change my life and diet. It's so bad my pain doctor is one of my best friends. LOL. So I guess this all means I am a second class citizen now.

  15. Flu and pneumonia deaths now over ten times higher than coronavirus deaths
    The Telegraph reported that this week’s figures mean coronavirus deaths account for just 0.8% of total deaths in England and Wales.

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