Dozens dead as Canada heatwave shatters temperature records – BBC News


Dozens of people have died in Canada amid an unprecedented heatwave that has smashed temperature records.

Police in the Vancouver area have responded to more than 130 sudden deaths since Friday. Most were elderly or had underlying health conditions, with heat often a contributing factor.

Canada broke its temperature record for a third straight day on Tuesday – 49.6C (121.3F) in Lytton, British Columbia.

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Date: October 1, 2021

26 thoughts on “Dozens dead as Canada heatwave shatters temperature records – BBC News

  1. Those were the first magical potions people loads died DTES Vancouver worst if they never even sanitized the alleys of smell of poo and urine was horrific for the last little bit of Freedom ever before this luciferian takeover becomes deadly

  2. We should have emergency lockdown measures put in place during heat waves!!!….quick!….and special passports to turn the car on

  3. I live in Vancouver, I was in my basement all day with the Air conditioning on high and surrounded by powerful fans.

  4. Use ECOSIA as your search engine. it plants tropical trees as your search the internet, to stop and slow climate change. Help it get to 1 billion trees ASAP. Puts its APP on your mobile or make default on your computer.

  5. That was literally unbearable to experience. The indoor temperature in the middle of the night didn't get below 32.5 celcius so it makes it hard to sleep. Even the birds were screwed up I was seeing crows with their mouths wide open panting like dogs.
    When I was growing up it use to snow lots every year, but now not at all. The summers are getting hotter every year and the wildfires have become the new normal.
    There's no relief in these heat waves unless you have AC and the smoke from wildfires makes it so you can't open your windows for fresh air or you'll be breathing in smoke. Just had our first actual rainfall for the entire summer so far. This use to be one of the wettest places on earth, so the drought is a shock to people, animals and forests alike.
    I'm trying to visit some of our ancient forests with 1000 year old trees as often as I can, they may not exist in years to come.

  6. It's alarming how Godless we are… so many people talking about mother earth and human consciousness. Spiritual guru this and that. Very little about Revelation, Jesus… THE TRUTH.

    I was atheist for most of my life so i can't really even be upset about it… that's the kicker. But still, if i could recognize around 2017 that something was off with our leaders, and began to seek after the truth…

  7. Hey, stop spending on starbucks cofee and spend on a mural air conditioning and murral heater,

  8. Cataclysms are taking place all over the planet. And besides, they sync. A lot of scientists spoke about this at the conference "The Global Crisis. This Already Concerns Everyone." To survive, people around the world need to unite in a new format of interaction. Not in consumption but in creation. Creative society

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  10. PM Trudeau uses Indian act which should be abolished to keep indigenous communities from voting. If PM Trudeau used his control of the indigenous peoples voting through the Indian Act did this interfere with indigenous voting across municipal, civic, territories, and federal election results since the pandemic and is this legal does it invalidate these elections?Let's hear your voice let's see the changes in government.Why has PM Trudeau banned Indigenous Community over 650 Bands of People from having Elections for Chiefs new leaders and representatives because of as I understand it to protect Communities during covid but he allowed Provincial and Federal Elections since March 2020? If he is not racists!

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