Dreams Hotel | Relaxing ASMR Check-In Desk Roleplay


Welcome to Dreams Hotel! Where we aim to keep you at the Check In desk for as long as possible before allowing you into your luxury room πŸ˜€
Enjoy! with love from me

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Date: December 4, 2019

40 thoughts on “Dreams Hotel | Relaxing ASMR Check-In Desk Roleplay

  1. The eyemasks and earplugs aren’t needed? After I had to choose a color? 🀨 lol I’m kinda curious about Malcom too he clearly wasn’t helping customers with their bags when the only one there’s been waiting 40minutes.

  2. I just watched a load of motor racing and one thing stuck in my mind – he’s not finished yet and neither am I so what if people say horrid things about me – sticks and stones!!!

  3. In 1988 the whole world was fighting over me there was a fight between three princesses then someone spread a dirty rumor. This month one of the neighbors took photos to blackmail me. WAS THERE ANY NEED IF ID MADE MONEY I WOULD HAVE HELPED THEM OUT. I DONT THINK THEY REALIZE JUST HOW BIGGER FISH THEYRE MESSING WITH. THIS MORNING I WAS THINKING ABOUT SUICIDE ITS DISGRACEFUL!!!

  4. I always come back to this video. Gonna be sleeping before it ends!! Thank you for all your hard work with your videos:). My job is stressful and your videos help after a long day

  5. I particularly enjoyed the everso slightly threatening moment at around 1m 40 secs, where, "we already have your card details stored, and you have agreed for us to keep them for the duration of your stay, for security" (accompanied by slightly serious nod to camera) – aka, "IF YOU DAMAGE OUR PROPERTY, WE'LL RAID YOUR BANK ACCOUNT", (but very quietly) ha!

  6. I travel. A lot. Ten or more months per year. I basically live in hotels. From now on, when I check into a room 333, I'm gonna have ridiculously unrealistic expectations.

    Thanks a lot Emma! πŸ˜Β πŸ˜‚

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