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Meet Dave and Cody, two men with completely different styles of survival skills. Can they survive together? Dont miss the ALL NEW series, Dual Survival, Friday at 10 PM e/p, only on Discovery!

For more Dual Survival, check out: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/dual-survival-expert-extras/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1

On this survival mission, Cody and Dave trek through the Pacific Northwest.


Date: June 28, 2020

45 thoughts on “Dual Survival – Soaked in the Rainforest | Soaked

  1. Im pretty experienced canoeing my suggestion would be if u are going on a trip be sure to have a long rope tied to the canoe strap in ur gear wear life jackets have a air bag and just have a lose knot tied so one pull u can grab it and swim towards the side grab a tree get stable wrap around the tree go get the canoe dump it out if its cold get warm being prepared is always the best thing but common sense goes a long way as well! Also dont use the damn seats going through rough spots get on ur knees put pads inside buy an airbag gotta be careful just going down rivers in a canoe or kayak not knowing what ur doing

  2. Dave and Cody were the best team for Dual Survival IMO. Who cares that Dave wasn't an special ops vet. Being a spec ops veteran isn't important, being able to survive is. Dave would survive againt 99% of jarheads out there. Just because you are military doesn't mean you can survive. Dave was a true woodsman.

  3. "Two men in the forest together… on slippery terrain… saving their ass,…in wet wet clothes"

    Dude… this show it so F*cked up lol

  4. @punbaca are u fucking dumb i would never do it… its just dumb to go bare foot
    in the middle of the jungle, if he is a freaking survival guide he should be smarter than that and realize the dangers from it, which is countless. Have some common sense before u reply BIOTCH

  5. That is such bullcrap. There is no way in hell it is difficult to survive in the northwest. I have lived here all my life and never once, had a trouble with surviving for a few weeks by myself.

  6. Rainforest? Its a Taiga not a rainforest. A rainforest is in the tropics, with a wide diversity of plants. A taiga is mostly species of pine and is located in the north. How can you get that wrong?

  7. I love this show.
    I liked Survivorman a little more because it was very one on one, solemn, peaceful, alone, not even cameramen were there…
    However, I do love this show. You only have 2 people which you quickly grow attached to, and that in addition to the magnificent nature, is a key component for me. Good stuff.

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