Earthquake shakes Melbourne – BBC News


A 5.9 magnitude earthquake has rattled southeast Australia, damaging buildings in the city of Melbourne.

The earthquake happened about 09:15 local time on Wednesday. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said “we have had no reports of serious injuries and that is very good news”.

The earthquake was also felt in neighbouring South Australia and New South Wales. It was followed by two aftershocks of 4.0 and 3.1 magnitude.

While this is one of Australia’s largest earthquakes in recent years, it has not caused significant damage.

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Date: October 9, 2021

42 thoughts on “Earthquake shakes Melbourne – BBC News

  1. 5.9 magnitude is a joke… In Chile we get higher magnitude earthquakes and we just continue on with our day like if nothing

  2. The earthquake seem to be coming not from beneath but from above….mmmm (strange but let those who have eyes to see, SEE!)

  3. God is pissed The Australian government is treating their people like cattle And beating the living shit out of them😡

  4. Those are given us a sign of the End of world 🗺 earthquake lava are sign of End world fuck humans

  5. Earthquakes are happening not just so frequently, but also in certain places thats not usually prone to natural disasters, like Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea.

  6. BBC News starts Panic buying of fuel by fake news stories ?
    Is this the most dangerous news channel ?
    Another anti-public service broadcast stunt ?
    Stop paying the bbc tv tax ?

  7. For anyone wondering what it felt like, it's like you're that one unlucky person who has to stand on the bus and the driver is going ROUND those corners.

    Really freaky – but also, since no one died, kinda fun in a way, and I want it to happen again?? ahah

  8. Magnitude 6.0

    Largest in Southeast Australia since the 1800s.

    I will keep my word regarding your Island, regarding your tectonics and the whirlpool, come the time.

    This is just the beginning.

    Eli-His Influence

  9. Good Morning. "Trust in him, O people, at all times; pour out your heart before him. God is our refuge. (Ps. 62:8)." In this life we have many challenges and uncertainties. How to overcome and hope in the day of betrayal, abandonment, scarcity, tragedy, the death of those we love? Or even how to prepare for the day of our own death? Only in Christ will we not be disappointed. In his sacrifice on the cross, death and resurrection Jesus conquered and has prepared promises that will satisfy and cherish us beyond this life. Christ has prepared help for us here and in his eternal kingdom of life and peace. Receive the love of God. Receive Jesus. Receive your promises. He is our refuge. Pray. Always read the bible. Christ will return soon. You are precious to God. Greetings. From Brazil. 🙏🏵🏵🌷🌷🌹🌹🌷🌷🏵🏵🌹🌹

  10. it's some kind of punishment from ALMIGHTY, because they have Refugee Concentration Camps like WW2.

    it's time to repent, and Stop the discrimination against minorities.

  11. Geologist & Archaeologist: The Aboriginal lands have important mineral resources. It is also important we protect the heritage of their people and do not frack.
    Australian colonist: We need it for our economy and lining our pockets.
    Aboriginals: But we will lose our home.
    Government: Alright, we'll take away your Aboriginal rights and we'll frack it the way we like.
    Tectonic plates: Thank you for waking me up. Now here is an Earthquake for you.
    Colonist homes destroyed
    Angry colonist: We lost our homes! We will protest! We want our Rights heard!

  12. To the rulers of Australia, let your people be free otherwise there will be much more than just this! Rescind all mask mandates, vaccine mandates and the remainder of your tyranny!! Fear the Lord Your God!!! ☀️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥

  13. God sees what we’re going through and he has had enough.. we will win this guys keep fighting just like the soldiers fought for us ❤️

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