Ebola Outbreak: Sky News Special Report From Alex Crawford In Liberia


The worst Ebola outbreak ever is spreading and will almost certainly extend across West Africa unless there is cross-country co-operation and urgent international assistance.

Sky News Special Correspondent Alex Crawford reports from Liberia.

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Date: May 13, 2020

13 thoughts on “Ebola Outbreak: Sky News Special Report From Alex Crawford In Liberia

  1. Alex Crawford is a brave lady she has been covering this Ebola crisis for months.  I pray for her health and hope she receive recognition for her work. 

    There are a number of scenes that  I see that we can do to help treat the people in the clinic, and a number of preventions that I see that are not being done to help stop the spread of the virus.  

     Because  Alex is risking her life, I will work hard to see that some important changes are made by bringing this to the attention of the Health Ministry in Liberia

  2. This terrible pandemic , will expose one of the worst industry frauds committed by Pharmaceutical Companies : relating to prioritising profits over saving lives .
    Drug companies have failed miserably to counter a whole range of Viruses ; yet anything that works & can't be Patented or made Profitable has been debunked and demonized !  For example : Antibiotics are mostly effective against Bacteria but poor against Viruses ; even  COLLOIDAL  SILVER  is more effective but it is one that has been sidelined for decades by the Drug Companies and the FDA .
    Colloidal Silver has shown to have promise against  AIDS & EBOLA  " but " this will equate as Not Profitable & not worthy of Funding Research despite it being potentially lifesaving ; there is no moral compass where greed takes priority !    

  3. And America is so obsessed with petty, stupid things like the effects of plastic grocery bags when there are things like this happening that are so much more important. It's sad that this story got less than 5,000 views and the one on plastic bags got hundreds of thousands. People are dying, that is more important

  4. The first part of this journalism was utterly disgraceful and offered no dignity to those suffering from the disease…shoving a camera and asking silly questions to those African who are dying. Intrusive piece of journalism and I am saddened that these African people were denied even a little respect in these very sensitive moments.

  5. Environ 30 % des Africains seraient naturellement immunisés …   Des vaccins sont faits par l'armée américaine ?? ,   si oui utilisez-les !

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