Ed Wardle Alone in the Wild – 50 Days Alone | Extreme Survival Documentary | Natural History Channel


As he approaches fifty days alone in the wild, Ed’s resources become extremely limited. Will he be able to find any food to eat or will this be the end of his journey?

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Date: May 31, 2020

24 thoughts on “Ed Wardle Alone in the Wild – 50 Days Alone | Extreme Survival Documentary | Natural History Channel

  1. You gotta watch 300 days alone. It was the best video i have seen. He didnt complain as much when in fact he didnt bring any food with him, just the machete, knife, first aid kit, and not even a fishing rod and canoe, just line and hook. This vid doesnt light up ones feeling but makes it heavier. He could have just enjoyed the moment and focused on every days tasks like building a shelter thay will keep him warm and dry. Really frustrating

  2. You failed once they dropped food for you. Instead of enjoying the view and admiring your surroundings. You keep complaining and crying like it's the end of the world.

  3. He should have set up camp next to an ocean instead. Endless supplies of fish and other delicacies. A dog would have helped to for tracking game, emotional and social support, as well as warning him of potential bears.

  4. I've been into survival activities all my life. Love watching survival shows as well but the emotional stuff I can do without. Geeze dude, film something other than yourself crying!!

  5. I felt so damn sorry for the guy after the production team dropped off a whole lot of emergency food for him…feeling like a failure, and his tears were heartbreaking!…stop being so damn hard on the guy..all you fucking heroes saying you could do better..ok, so get out there and do it you total cunts!

  6. Don't have time to watch the whole thing? Here is the synopsis..
    Day 1-3: Man feeling happy alone in the woods.
    Day 3-50: Man weeps with self-pity alone in the woods.
    The End.

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