Emily Giffin Addresses Her "Phony" Remark About Meghan Markle | E! News


After receiving huge backlash for criticizing the Duchess of Sussex’s mothering skills, the author addresses the situation on Instagram. Get the details.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1149079/author-emily-giffin-sparks-backlash-for-calling-meghan-markle-phony-and-unmaternal

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Emily Giffin Addresses Her “Phony” Remark About Meghan Markle | E! News


Date: October 14, 2020

42 thoughts on “Emily Giffin Addresses Her "Phony" Remark About Meghan Markle | E! News

  1. All this hate, for getting married and having a baby. And people are still wondering why she left. May God have mercy on your evil soul. Doing this to another woman, racist as they come.

  2. Fast forward to June 25, 2020. Emily Griffin, is a fool,. Meghan and Harry are taking good care of their beloved son. Harry don't like you interfering with his wife and baby. Your thoughts are of no interest to prince Harry, because he's with his beloved son Archie forever. This is forever. So stupid Emily Griffin mind your own business and leave Harry and his son and wife alone.

  3. As said by the “Sussex Squad” this BECKY Giffin is JEALOUS! That ship (Harry) has sailed long time ago and (Giffin) never even had a TICKET! BECKY (Giffin) forgot that ENVY is a DEADLY sin and let her RACIST comments expose herself. Fantasizing to her ENVIOUS, RACIST low life for that Prince Harry is hers is driving her to insanity.

  4. Emily Giffin style to become popular so that people will be intrigued and check on her books she’s selling but at the expense of Meghan.. obviously Emily is not a happy person and just jealous of Meghan. Go away Emily Giffin..

  5. Giffin racism started when she wrote: "a biracial marriage" was it necessary to say it? only people with hatred talk and remind people of something that you think will ashamed Harry and Megan, the same as the DailyMail, that cover its pages of Megan and Harry, writing each one's age; wow; and who buys her books? stop that, Giffin is phony, hypocrite, full of envy.

  6. as soon as you talk about a black person u are automatically racist!! god forbid someone else has a different opinion about that self absorbed gold digger!! u can literally see her smile was fake!! she couldnt stand that baby for a minute on that post!! oh never mind her disgusting ways!! once u say anything you racist!! i am black and i despise that woman!! she is utterly horrible!!! she and all her supporters and harry need to stop playing the race card! no one dislikes her cause she's black!! she is just a horrible self serving narcissist and opportunist!!

  7. I believe she is phoney and not maternal. Yep, she was wanting attention and I do believe she was not happy the baby was not cooperating. And he didn’t say duck, he said da da

  8. God Bless Emily Giffin for saying what is the gods honest truth and saying what the majority of people think. Smegan is just crazy self centred and Archie was just a prop. All you haters just do your homework you stupid people.

  9. My goodness there a lot of sugars on this page. Willful blindness will only get you so far, and with your MM? You'll meet up again at the scene of her downfall. So sad.

  10. Emily Emily Emily. You could try shutting up. It's obvious that you are on the 'hate Meghan' bandwagon. What you need to ask yourself is why? Has she done anything?said anything?stepped on your toes and didn't apologize? Have you had a conversation with her? And lastly who has made you the judge as to what kind of person she is? And why are you and others targeting her when her husband was right there leading the way to the EXIT? By the way this is the first time I have heard your name and it was not a good impression. By the way you can keep your sorry apology. You can't explain away a hateful attitude and unsubstantiated opinions.

  11. Someone big and powerful must be getting to these reporters. These mean spirited reporters all of a sudden cower down. And changed their tune.

  12. Emily Giffin is the the picture of a classic high school click, probably one of those girls Meghan talked about keeping herself busy at lunch time in order to avoid. If her attitude has changed towards both of them why was this all about Meghan?

  13. Emily was spot on. No one in uk like the social cllimbing hustler here. She has he meal ticket now so hopefully she will live anywhere but uk. We are well shot of her and the simpering fool who married her.

  14. You're Very Poor Person Emily And Disgusting As A Mother Stop Messing Around Be Happy With Your Life 🤔mess 👀

  15. This is all for publicity and exposure knowing how effective the Meghan Sparkle, she took the wrong way and karma got in to her. Hahahah

  16. Typical Racist ‘Karen’. Always putting their two cents in everything that does not concern them The reason there is so much Racism in the World is women like this who raise their children in the same way they themselves treat people from other ethnicities. Mentally stable people don’t go about criticizing other people’s parenting, name choices or family dynamic on a public platform but here we are and She’s not the only one, there were dozens like these in the UK, Same look , similar ages taking turns bashing Meghan daily for 5 years and still do on public forums. And you wonder why She left Little Britain.?….

  17. Megan read that story for charity. Carissa think it's bugs me when entitled people think they have a right to butt in celebrities personal life and forget that these guys are human beings that do have a right for privacy. By the way if you end up getting yourself into the news then you can just kiss your privacy goodbye because there's no law that stopping the reporters for telling lies. The truth is I rather believe the stories if they're actually coming from Meghan or Harry or any other celebrities even Marvel's updates are more reliable than some of the news outlets out there telling lies spreading lies have absolutely no idea what's really going on just like something before they say I have absolutely no idea what's really going behind those closed doors they don't know Harry and Meghan cuz they don't spend entire day with them. and the truth is it's none of our business what they do in their personal life. You don't people call Megan a narcissistic and guess what you don't know these people I tell you one thing no narcissistic what do charity work. they're the reason why you cut out your family members. Her father her sister and her brother are just monsters they already proven that Meghan and Harry Hippie trying to get a hold of her father at the whole tide time when he had a heart attack there it's proven facts he talk cramp to her to the news to describe his own daughter yeah there's a reason why she cut him out of her life. although psychologists who decided to use the newspapers to diagnose her might as well lose your license

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