Emma Raducanu, #USOpen CHAMPION πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @BBC News live πŸ”΄ BBC


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Photo credit: Reuters / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports TPX

US Open: Emma Raducanu beats Leylah Fernandez to win maiden Grand Slam. Get the full story πŸ‘‰

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Date: September 22, 2021

37 thoughts on “Emma Raducanu, #USOpen CHAMPION πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @BBC News live πŸ”΄ BBC

  1. It is my opinion that this young woman is going to command eight-digit advertising deals. She is about to become the highest paid woman in sport. She has just pulled off one of the biggest feats in sport’s history, she has model looks, poise and carriage, a magnetically bubbly and engaging personality, and great, natural communication skills. She is already a star in China and is fluent in Mandarin which adds tens of millions to her value.

    A fairy tale, indeed, but one born out of years of dedication, blood, sweat and tears.

    I hope Emma decides to come to NZ for our Open Championship. It’s a good warm up a week or so before the Aussie Grand Slam.

  2. One the stand out out things for me about Emma was it looked like she scared to fail. She looked like she was never to hard on herself. Long may that continue.

  3. She's not a mobile phone fairy doesn't like alot if social media and her favourite sport outside tennis. Is Formula 1 racing .

  4. This young lass is a shining light in dark times even though I've got absolutely nothing in common with her this girls done well

  5. Interestingly, the colours of her outfit were red, yellow and blue ( her sport shoes were white). The national flag of Romania is coloured in red, yellow and blue. China's flag has red and yellow. Great Britain and Canada add white to blue and red… All the lucky colours, I guess… Anyway, congrats to Emma for her victory, and to Emma's parents and her home country, Great Britain, for nurturing such a talent! Greetings from Romania!

  6. please .give her some space ..she just a baby ….she is a superstar ..but no super human …she will not win everything …and has alot to learn .x

  7. It'll take about two minutes for the wokies at the bbc to make this all about gender and race… fortunately she seems to be well balanced, intelligent, pretty modest and respectful I think even the Beeb won't be able to corrupt this story. Remember Osaka?

  8. Its finally coming home! Congratulation to England for finally getting a proper sport trophy in more than 50 years.

  9. I always loved those 2 great Irish players Connors and McEnroe and the Czechoslovakian Navratilova, but my favourite will always be that English girl Billie Jean King… 🀷🀣🀣

  10. It is Marcus Fish who really should step down what a ridiculous view. The more a population is vaccinated the better for the whole of society.

  11. Let's rate the efficiency of the top investment in the world today:

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    Stocks —————– 45%

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  12. Let's rate the efficiency of the top investment in the world today:
    Cryptocurrency —- 90%
    Stocks —————– 45%
    Forex ——————- 40%

  13. She should compete in the men's game. Actually all women tennis players should. Let's remove the gender bar from all sports. The time has come for absolute equality! Let's see how much prize money Raducanu will earn then.

  14. She's golden! Luxury goods hucksters having big o's listening to Emma. Their semi-literate models usually have to fake the English accent and do so very very badly.

  15. Let's Brexit the little Romanian! oops….. British heroine says the Daily Express.

    Wonderfully talented intelligent charming dedicated disciplined dynamic and dynamite Lady Emma!
    Sadly, as we speak: enter the business serpents dragons charlatans and sociopaths – the lawyers, sham consultants, shallow marketing clowns/handlers/PR merchants of fakery, scripted answers and unending plastic corporate-speak.
    But there'll be tens of millions $$, mansions and private jets forever. Stay grounded and sane and vivacious forever girl!

  16. She has only got 150 points to defend on the Tour, up until next Year's Wimbledon in July 2022, so I have worked out that if she wins around 1800 points on the tour between now and then, she will break into the TOP 10. To be honest, she will probably be a TOP 10 player by February 2022 if she goes far in the Australian Open. By the way, her next Tournament is going to be at Indian Wells, a WTA 1000 Series event, a HUGE EVENT and one that I always enjoy watching, and it starts on October 6th. So if any Californians are listening, BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW if you want to see her. πŸ˜€

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