‘Emotional’ Adele comforts victims of Grenfell Tower fire tragedy – Hollywood News


New Delhi, June 15 (ANI): Following the intense, tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, Grammy winner Adele, along with husband Simon Konecki, visited to the incident site on Wednesday night to offer support to the victims. According to E! Online, the ‘Hello’ singer decided to pay her respects by visiting the scene where the overnight fire killed at least 12 people and injured 74 others. “Adele was going around and hugging everyone she could to comfort them,” an Adele fan account wrote on Twitter. The cause of the fire has not yet been reported. As per reports, at least 12 people have died and more than 70 people have been injured after the devastating fire destroyed the tower block in north Kensington. Adele has joined a long list of celebrities including Rita Ora, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Jeremy Clarkson and Scarlett Moffatt who have been offering their support in different ways, many by urging people to donate clothes and food.
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Date: May 28, 2020

5 thoughts on “‘Emotional’ Adele comforts victims of Grenfell Tower fire tragedy – Hollywood News

  1. This tragedy is like being bombed out in WW2 , so the powers that be should know how to cope ! Adele , Jamie Oliver etc , have made their millions thanks to the people , they should donate money or get a fund going. These people have lost everything , what is the real death toll ? will we ever know ?

  2. Youooo- hooooo!! Adele!!??

    Hey give em your millions it will save the already 'squeezed to death' authorities for compo they will
    Be clawing for . .

  3. WAIT stop the press . . . God NOooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    This is a perfect excuse for her to write ANOTHER suicidal ballad !!!!
    Wish I could go into hibernation sometimes . . 😆

  4. What a bloody slag Adele is. She has no reason whatsoever to go there, except to use it to promote herself. No compassion for the residents who died, the survivors or anyone who is actually helping out in some way. She is a damned poser.

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