Engineers Build An Escape Vehicle From Plane Wreckage (Part 1) | Escape EP1 | Wonder


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With the help of former Special Forces Operative Ant Middleton, a team of elite engineers attempt to overcome their desert surroundings, and build a vehicle from the wreckage of a crashed plane, to transport them back to civilisation.

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Date: May 6, 2020

47 thoughts on “Engineers Build An Escape Vehicle From Plane Wreckage (Part 1) | Escape EP1 | Wonder

  1. I mean propaganda at it's best.. you need power to electrical works and why did they end up there? Maybe its just EPI 1 but ,be truthful. It make no sense,still i love USA ,BRITS and AUSSIESfor their brave Ness.

  2. Lol he’s asking what experience do you have to make sure the most experienced person fulfils the immediate task. And he’s right, you are carrying on like a baby and I’d smirk too if saying so hurt you in the feels so bad. Jesus Christ please tell this chicks PMSing and not a total dumb cnt 100% of the time.

  3. Oh good. This time Anton found two planes 😀 . If you want to go on an adventure vacation always go with Anton.

    Next time the plane will contain a welding machine, a fork lift and 20 jugs of propane. And the time after that it'll be two perfectly working Range Rovers – with A/C and GPS. 😀

  4. I worked 40 years as US merchant marine engineering officer. As I look at this mess of junk, I thought, "where are the tools?" For example, to be effective, I require the following (at minimum): arc welder with PPE, plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene torch, sawzall, combination wrenches, socket sets, hex wrenches, ball peen hammer, wedges, pry bars, drill press, lathe, electric drill with bits, handheld grinder, screwdrivers, chisels, rivet gun with rivets, etc. Also, I may require gasket material, sealants, hand pumps, grease guns, and more etc. I mean LOADS of etc. Plus coffee breaks. Booze. And a ton of food from the galley.

  5. Two type "A" Personalities (Lyndon and Bethan) should keep this show very interesting (And throw Demi in as a wild card). . . Either they'll lock horns or one will walk !! But both can't last . . . They'll end up either "F*cking or Fighting".

  6. This was an experiment. You already have the advantage over real airplane crash survivors. Imagine doing this with no water. No food. zero tools, And doing it all while your injured badly and have broken bones. See how cocky you are then.

  7. this is the plane from the doc anatomy of a plane crash, even the cessna! it was supposed to be the chase plane so they could fly the 727 by r/c but it was too slow.

  8. I see all this comments that 30km is walk distance but excuse me if they stayed in THAT sun for 3 or 5 hours there's a chance that they will have heat stroke.

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