Engineers Make An Escape Vehicle From A Crashed Caravan (Part 1) | Escape EP2 | Wonder


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This week Ant and a team of expert engineers attempt to build an escape vehicle out of the rubble of a mountain disaster. They must overcome tough terrain and harsh conditions, learn to work as a team and put all their skills to the test to not only survive but ultimately escape.

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Date: May 23, 2020

26 thoughts on “Engineers Make An Escape Vehicle From A Crashed Caravan (Part 1) | Escape EP2 | Wonder

  1. Интересный проэкт, подписка, колокольчик, лайк, даже не зная английского языка !!! Было бы здорово переводить проэкт на русский язык!

  2. It's funny how there digging a bathroom next to the boulders when there was a portable toilet sitting behind the driver seat on the Winnebago talk about irony

  3. Me: this desert episode with cars everywhere seems pretty easy.

    Ant: there are rattlesnakes and scorpions everywhere. They don’t give any warnings

    Me: ok I’m good thanks.

    Also me: how the heck did these guys get fresh water out of a truck and there is a random hand with a fresh and nice water bottle

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