England to relax international travel ban – BBC News


The international travel ban for England is to be gradually lifted from 17th May 2021.

It means travel from the UK for leisure purposes will no longer be illegal.

People will be able to travel to 12 countries on a ‘green list’ without having to quarantine on their return to the UK – including Portugal, Iceland, Israel, Singapore, Gibraltar, Australia and New Zealand

However strict rules on testing and quarantine will remain in place to protect public health.

Passengers are being warned to expect additional checks and longer queues at border points.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Caroline Davies.

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Date: September 11, 2021

38 thoughts on “England to relax international travel ban – BBC News

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  2. What a web of weak politions doing things which are going to cost lives.

    The only way this country can open its economey is to restrict borders and travel to Business,logistics, and vaccination releif programs. The failure to do this will cost this country many billions which is the same figure its going to cost this autumn for health and social care. So income tax must rise to pay for this.

    This is lobbying of weak politions with the message by some travel business men…..you family has to die so they can have a job.

    However the truth is different….

    If you own an airline….this is not a location specfic activity and you can fly your planes off shore which Ryen Air has been doing.

    Airports have been the receiptents of the government furlow scheme.This leaves support staff at Airports not covered by the furlow scheme.

    The UK travel industry industry should have got its act together since march 2020.They did nothing but winge and loose cash.

    The newly emerging vairents are hitting the younger age groups elevation an explosion in new vairents which caused locks downs since 2020 when the same travel industry brought it to this country from india and other countries. Why trael is allowed to these countries is politics whichwill distroy the economey of this country. Study the state of Victoria .this might be the UK future .

    School children should spend te sumer on catch up education programs to compete with our trade competitors.

    Children may not be vaccinated or be accepted by other countries.

    The hNHS ospitals are full, there is a raging pandemic of 5 million untreated patients to be treated.There is no hospital capacity nor does the taxpayer want to pay any more cash to joyriders who travel abroard and bring it back to the UK again.

    The travel industry should contemplate the border controls in japan…No test at the airport so no boarding card.

    2022 still seems to be a gradual lifting of travel restrictions when destintion nations are fully vaccinated and shut their borders. Criminal gangs have distroyed vaccine passports what a low level of leadership in the tavel industry so far.

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  4. Who, in their right mind, would want to travel to England from a Green Country….or Turkey, for that matter.

  5. Check the blood samples of non covid Chinese people if we find antibodies then it is clear that china first vaccinated its people and then released the covid as bio weapon…

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  7. How joy and bless'll have those who repented from sin and gave Jesus their lives. John 3.16. Read the bible and pray. God loves you. Hello here from Brazil.

  8. Dictatorship just want their luxury holidays abroad.
    Boris Johnson is supposedly in charge of this country so we need to hold him accountable for the care home death and the police BRUTALITY he inflicted on LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, something this FAKE PROPAGANDA SITE AND FAKE REPORTER don't report.
    they have NO INTEGRITY LEFT,carry on with your FEAR PROPAGANDA you disgusting people because your doing a great job so the people what you really are all about

  9. sitting in studio Instead of wasting time always blaming and warning to china and pakistan if India paid media ask questions from LIAR ARROGANT MODI and his poison administration about hospital OXEGEN today indian do not die like ENT.

  10. It is known that many medical devices, including swabs for testing the virus, are routinely sterilized using a substance that is very dangerous to human health, namely Ethylene Oxide, also used for other medical devices. The usual fact.checkers, always ready to deny any news that hinders or damages the established powers, argue that there is nothing dangerous in such use, although it has long been proven that this substance is actually carcinogenic. The process for removing ethylene residues is rather laborious and it is not at all sure that this purification will be completely successful, or that it is even adopted with certainty before their use. There are even reports that tampons are boxed even at a family level in precarious hygienic conditions to say the least. However, it is certain that the "Ramazzini" Research Center of Bologna, an institute of proven seriousness and scientific competence, mainly in the field of tumor processes, has clearly stated that ethylene, used for the sterilization of swabs, can be risky not only for the onset of cancer, but also under other profiles, so much so that it is recommended to reduce exposure to these compounds as much as possible and replace it with less toxic products (Eur. J. Oncol., 15 (1) , 5-23, 2010).
    In the face of such evidence, it is not justifiable that, on a world scale, countless swabs are still carried out every day, even knowing that their sterilization took place with ethylene oxide, in such a way as to endanger the health of those tested, especially if subjected to this practice several times, as now actually happens.

  11. hello guys all Indians and Reast of the world people that we use "China Virus" word. WHO is Corrupt but we are not…..spread the truth…..

  12. Man city vs Chelsea game will be held in May 29,I just can't wait for that moment 🤣🤣 I'm always hungry for the final 😆.

  13. During slavery slaves are forced to wear masks to show that they have no voice of freedom and to show that they are owned. Stop forcing people to wear masks. Stop forcing people not to breathe fresh air. Make breathing fresh air legal again!

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