Entertainment News – Talkshow bersama Cinta Laura


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Date: May 18, 2020

11 thoughts on “Entertainment News – Talkshow bersama Cinta Laura

  1. I have no idea, she's smart, punya achievement, but kenapa banyak yang nethink ke Cinta Laura? Padahal dia juga ngebantu Indonesia juga, mulut netizen emang pedes yak.

  2. I admire successful and hardworking women, but I think I should point something out to mitigate any misconceptions. First off, let's not glorify achievements that are constrained to timelines. Graduating in 3 years sure is impressive, but so is graduating in 4, 5, or 6 years. I know a lot of students who have to work multiple part-time jobs to finance their own tuitions and living, but still manage to graduate in 4 or 5 years – and that's incredibly commendable. This leads me to my second point; Cinta should recognize her privilege. She graduated from one of the most expensive high schools in Indonesia and I am willing to bet she's never had financial hardships or drawbacks throughout college. Having experienced the US undergraduate application process myself, I also understand that schools love impressive extracurriculars. By virtue of being born into a family of prominence, Cinta had a leg up in this arena.

    None of this makes her accomplishments any less meaningful, it's still all very impressive. I'm just saying we should equally appreciate and glorify others who did not have the privileges Cinta had.

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