Episode 63 – Adrift to Survival with Steven Callahan


Steven Callahan is an American author, naval architect, inventor, and sailor noted for having survived for 76 days adrift on the Atlantic Ocean in a liferaft. Callahan recounted his ordeal in the best-selling book Adrift: 76 Days Lost At Sea (1986), which was on the New York Times best-seller list for more than 36 weeks.

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Date: June 26, 2020

7 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Adrift to Survival with Steven Callahan

  1. I cant help but be a little suspicious. Plot twist: he purposely ditched his "solo" boat (which no experienced sailor would use in an attemt to cross the ATLANTIC. Much MUCH bigger BETTER boats have perished trying, too many times to count), slowly starving himself using a highly controlled diet. This wouldn't be unconceivable knowing his prize would eventually be in his grasp if he loitered in an area, oh say , where locals fish. Can anybody spell the endgame of such an elaborate scheme? On top of it, he could easily dump excess supplies once he was sure he would be "saved". To anybody who found a way to take offense at this harmless "what if…" scenario, take a few deep breaths and chill out. If this guy genuinely had been through this kind of hell he deserves everything he ever gets coming to him, without a doubt. But…. what if………. Did anybody figure out the "why" yet (to my theory) hint: countless people throughout history have done crazier things to get the desired effect. Hell, what would you do to guarantee a book would be best seller before the book even came out, with a little sacrifice and planning ahead. There is a song named after the one word answer. There was a hit tv show in the 80s named the same word. OK. I said hint as in singular. Ive been far too generous

  2. I read Adrift to my child as a bedtime story when she was about 9 years old. We read several chapters each night and hated having to wait until tomorrow's adventures. It's my all time favorite book. My first reading came from an NPR reading in my car each day. I find it to be a spiritual journey, finding the sacred in the most difficult circumstances. Also I was impressed with the strength and versatility of the human spirit! It's great to see Steven!

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