Epstein Stories You Won't Find in the News


CORRECTIONS: There were not 2 fires. AND – that photo shows a different plane. The tail number that appears to be shared with the US State department is N474AW
I go over some of the lesser known connections & history of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. I’m hoping that there are more arrests to come after his! Many powerful people are at risk if he talks. more…

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Date: August 28, 2019

50 thoughts on “Epstein Stories You Won't Find in the News

  1. bla bla bla,how did they ever get a judge to hold him with no bail,somebody with more polically powerful colagges then are suicided pervert here needed a little time and a stationary place of residence to put his suicide plan in place

  2. Wow, I love your in-depth research & I have watched TONS of vids on Epstein, & you brought up info no one else did. I only got here by someone giving us this link in another channel's vid comments.

    I've never heard of you before.

    Thanks for all the links. EVERYONE should do this. You & James Corbette are the only ones who do.

    My one complaint is that you don't seem to see the connection between trumpet & all of this.

    1. You state that the girl who accused trumpet of assaulting her retracted, which means NOTHING. trumpet is an EVIL little boy. He threatens EVERYONE who comes his way & everyone has to sign not just one NDA, but a 2nd one (I can't remember what it's called right now.)

    He promises he will sue them into the stone age & he can, so I'm sure there's tons of people out there, children, women, men, etc. who have dirt on him that can never come forward.

    I'm not sure if that's the same girl (15 I think) who was mentioned right at the beginning when he was running & Epstein got very angry at trumpet for taking her virginity b/c she was supposed to be for Epstein.

    2. Derek Brozes also asked that AG if he ever got proof that trumpet really did throw epstein out of Mara Largo & he said no.

    3. trumpet is & was friends with the clintons for YEARS. The clintons have been pedos for decades. Many MANY gov't officials are. & I'm talking worldwide, not just in the US. This is NOT an isolated situation.

    I've watched vids on this topic where the info goes back to the 70's.

    4. trumpet has jews all around him in EVERY corner & he's helped israel get whatever she wanted. HUGE events. Something that no other pres would do. Every one of his children except the younget child, is married to or in biz with jewish people & while that's not strange as they live in NY, him doing everything for them & appointing sooo many jews into his inner circle including passing laws that say we can't talk ill of israel IS a HUGE red flag.

    So I STILL don't get why people who seem to be sooo intelligent don't see how much DAMAGE trumpet has done & that's not just about this issue, but tons of other things he's done to help his m/billionaire buddies to rape & pillage our planet & harm it & us.

    That's including forcing/rushing 5G on us which is a weapon meant to harm & kill us, plus meant to control & spy on us.

  3. I'm not certain on the blackmail theory. I think Epstein may have been charging a lot of money to keep these elite pedophiles in a safety zone by charging extreme fees. A club. Much like the Clinton Slush Club Foundation. You had to pay a yearly membership and then donations after that. They may have funneled money (investments) into Wexner's businesses to hide the truth. If there was blackmail, that type of information would have leaked everywhere. No one else would want to dare enter his trap. Soros uses Tides Foundation to filter money down to all the other money laundering scams operating as non-profits. All of them operate this way. Plausible deniability.

  4. I love how Youtube "hides" this video. I only found it because someone recommended it in the comments in a different Epstein video. Even if you type in the exact title you have to scroll over about 15 other related videos to find this. This whole story runs so deep it is more interesting than any fake drama show they could put on tv.

  5. Re: Jennifer Gaffney; what prosecutor "argues for leniency" against a sexual offender especially when she is Deputy Chief of Sex Crimes Bureau and makes sure "… victims of sexual violence … voices are heard …" What a laughable oxymoron that is!

  6. Subbed. Why haven't I found you sooner? I feel like I'm watching a friend. Its always the way once you start to do even a cursory dig that the connections are immediately suspicious… big names and friends and relatives of… bingo, what a surprise. He was sex broker for Wall St and Washington…among others hence the billions…

  7. NYC IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST SO IT COMES AS NO SHOCK THAT THIS MANHATTAN DA WANTED LENIENCY. No justice for the 20 year old raped by 2 police officers. Dept of Investigation commissioner FIRED by Mayor De Blasio for shaming the special victims unit. NO SHOCKER.

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  9. Get a fucking hobby bitch you're just a whiny bitch it's not even your place to even fucking comment about what men do as it is you're a fucking woman you have absolutely no skill naturally in any area of what you're talkin about your only skills are shoving at it and kids mouth changing its diapers and fucking doing your hair

  10. Polly here's the fucking another bitch you fucking does your hair puts on a bunch of fake up and fucking is over the hill now so you want attention the fact that people actually subscribed your stupid YouTube page is fucking retarded nice fucking blue dress Monica Lewinsky get up. Hey everybody let's listen to this blonde haired fucking cunt because she looks kind of halfway decent. A fucking bitch who's never had to work a day in her life

  11. Polly, I might get into trouble saying this, and it might cause your vid to be taken down for this reason alone, but all these -steins and -bergs involved in having sex with babies is making me really hate a certain ethnic group.Who?? One guess.

  12. Come to find out
    1. His brother was in just.as.deep.
    2. His cell did not have a bunk bed to hang from.
    3. He never had a cell mate as he had only one concrete bed and the solid block did not have any way too tie a paper sheet to.

  13. I checked your link of the lawyer Bradley. He had a phone conversation with Trump – where Trump fully cooperated and gave information, which checked out. 1 phone call is not an investigation. We have never seen Trump admit that he was wrong. He always deflects. Additionally Trump has 12,000 documented lies during his presidency (13 times per day). He does a lot of projection too. So one cannot conclude with that one call, he is innocent.

    The accusations on him are from adult women. However there is one from woman who claimed she was raped by Trump when she was a child. Trump publicly lusted over daughter and there is some creepy pictures with his daughter when she was a child.

    I am skeptical that he is not involved with girls. With Epstein dead under Barr’s watch, it’s even more suspicious.

  14. I always wondered why the Arabs, the biggest pedophiles and sex traffickers on the planet, the main customers for all human sex cargo you find throughout Europe and responsible for the sex and drug cartels in more than half of the world, never spent time and billions on Epstein's pedo island? Arabs are so bad with their sexual trade and crimes the Arab "Royalt" even got their own Congress hearing on kidnapping of American women and children while visiting the U.S. on their pivate jets, taking these women and children with them to never be seen again, shipped off to Arabia to serve as locked-up sex slaves. Now I get it…. Epstein's pedo island was full of the Jewish elite pedo club. New Nork is Jewish strong hold so no wonder they managed to get Epstein killed even inside a prison.

  15. Ok, I get it….. The reason why Trump got into a disagreement with Epstein which broke their friendship is that Epstein made money off his friends, framing them for exploits. Trump has never been into young women. He likes them a bit older. Epstein must have used that young slave of his to make up charges to try and extract money out of Trump. Trump doesn't respond well to extortions which his business past shows, and he hits back full force. The current accuser says she never witnessed Trump even once visiting Epstein's pedo island. Nor did she ever witness Trump around Epstein's slaves and Trump never was heard of to have sex with anyone around Epstein.

    Also, the fires on Epstein's island AFTER he was convicted of pedophilia was clearly an effort to burn up evidence.

  16. Amazing video and very informing. It would be interesting to know what blood type Jeffrey Epstein is. There is a huge story regarding blood types of the super powerful. Would not be a suprise to me if he was Rhesus O Negative (Royal Blood) given the level of protection and wealth he had.

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