Ethiopia Tigray crisis: UN warns 'war crimes' may have happened – BBC News


Reports of the mass killing of civilians in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region “would amount to war crimes” if confirmed, the UN has warned.

The UN human rights chief has called for an inquiry into reports that up to hundreds of people had been stabbed and hacked to death in one town.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has accused fighters from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front of the massacre.

Tigrayan officials have denied involvement in the atrocities.

Mr Abiy said that TPLF fighters went on the rampage after federal troops had “liberated” the western part of Tigray, “brutally” killing innocent civilians in Mai-Kadra, a town in the South West Zone of Tigray.

Witnesses blamed forces loyal to TPLF for Monday’s killings – first reported by human rights group Amnesty International.

If confirmed, this would be the first large-scale killing of civilians in the fighting between government forces and the TPLF which broke out last week.

Getting information about the clashes is hard because phone lines and internet services are down.

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Date: October 5, 2021

34 thoughts on “Ethiopia Tigray crisis: UN warns 'war crimes' may have happened – BBC News

  1. The people of Tigray is in mass schizophrenia blinded by messenger of Egypt.They must liberate themselves from the bondage of Satanic Woyane,no more bleeding for them by the rest of Ethiopisns.We are liberated from the most cruel,brutual barbaric drug addicted mafia Woyane morally decayed and dead.
    Woyane is Satan on earth Albania communist Antichrist anti Orthodox anti Amhara (manifest)
    How long do you live in domain of darkness and deception ?Is there mass schizophrenia??
    I am half Oromo and half Afar.we know what the most evil,barbaric cruel and brutual,greedy and stubborn hearts messenger of Egypt Woyane did in the last 46years,even to the people of Tigray who were nationalist.
    Woyane is fallen angle,in human must be eliminated.
    No more deception no more deception by the evil who committed genocides
    Non Tigre armed forces in Tigray
    Micadra, Chena,Wollo,Afar Gondar,Arbagugu, Harar,Ogaden,Agnwak,sidana,Wolayita Benshangul, Debrezeit.we never ever forget all the misery and tragedies we experienced by this Satan on earth Woyane.
    We are 100%% sure God conquers Satan=Woyane messenger of Egypt. Egypt's agenda known ,how this terrorist has been operating its barbaric brutual cruel activities to accomplishe Egypt s agenda.
    1.Fractured institutions
    2 .Battered nation
    3.Polarized people
    4.Splintered foundations
    5.Robbed,looted,lied economic politics social sabotages,divided
    5.Stolen 36billion$$$$$$$
    Morally decayed and dead
    Driven as a horse for Egypt.
    Why the womb of Tigray mother did not conceive heroes to eliminate this satanic Woyane???
    TPLF is enemy of humanity

  2. Tpilf is territs Its my dam የእኔ ግድብ ነው إنه سدي 这是我的大坝 내 댐이다

  3. For your info. To destabilize a country they call this a civil war to help them self to interfere. People, That is an old tactic. Ethiopian knows that….

    Dear Reporters,
    Your reporter Jump the gun and said that Ethiopia is in a civil war currently. That is completely wrong and misleading propaganda that is generated by the enemies of not only the Ethiopian people but also poor-Tigriean residents in the region. The fact is we have an insurgent armed group/TPLF/domestic terrorists planning to destabilize the country, and the horn of Africa to gain control of the government.
    Please make balanced and verified news to your listeners.

  4. Every reporting done surrounding this matter by foreign media juntas, has been bought and paid for in some way. The west is a threat to the unity of Africa. The TPLF is evil but so is the west.

  5. why you don't close ur this world we need only peace not false info and fire.u better close ur media. ufffffffffff western medias only for money do u think how many peoples died and take ur in news as true information. syria,iraq,…..and others are enough.

  6. you presented and announced the only refuge and killed Tigrayan people only what about the woldians, Afar, and others killed by TPLF terrorists, First of all, kindly request you don't say Tigrian force since they are terrorists.

  7. Every Ethiopian understands the American and western country conspiracy. Personally, I am very happy about this. Because it created national unity for us

  8. You are talking is false actually those live in sudan is the samry gfoup tjey killed the amhara in maikadra

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