Euro 2016: England lose to Iceland reaction | BBC Sport


Match of the Day pundits Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Jermaine Jenas do not hold back in their criticism of Roy Hodgson’s England as they lose 2-1 to Iceland at Euro 2016.

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Date: October 14, 2020

44 thoughts on “Euro 2016: England lose to Iceland reaction | BBC Sport

  1. What makes this even funnier is that, across town, that Icelandic commentator was going “YAAAaaAaaAaaAAAaaAaaAaAAAAAA!!!!”

  2. arrogant,"they shouldnt compaire" and we are the best ,hit it right in the head,karma is a bitch,and only the game playing counts not history,criticism of english is right,but really should be more and fair talk and praise iceland

  3. Im still laughing. On Football Manager brexit always wins big tournies this is why that is pathetic and unrealiatic

  4. The BBC must have an Affirmative Action style hiring policy for Jermaine Jenas to be on this panel.Average career and his comments were literally just repeating what had already been said.

  5. England just need to get their system. I wasn't impressed with the team but there is a lot of young players in the team and they can only improve under Roy Hudson!

  6. I come back to laugh at this video at least once a month. Thank you Roy Hodgson for the banter era of English football❤️

  7. and England have let the 2018 fluke take control of rationality……wouldn’t be surprised if this happens again

  8. I was recommended this over 24 hours after England beat Iceland 1-0 in the Nations League. This was the perfect palate-cleanser.

  9. WTF is this clown Shearer talking about? "the worst performance of an england team ever", I´m not even english but that is just bullshit after a 2-1 defeat.

  10. Always overstating their own abilities…the only reason the EPL is great is because of foreign players…all the English players are in Tottenham and Southampton 😂😂😂

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