EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Why Wendy Williams Shared Living In Sober Facility!!


Daily Mail (1): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6822585/Wendy-Williams-staying-sober-living-home-alcohol-prescription-pill-addiction.html

Daily Mail (2): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6830485/Wendy-Williams-husband-told-mistress-leave-wife-pays-bills.html

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Date: July 30, 2019

22 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Why Wendy Williams Shared Living In Sober Facility!!

  1. Yea Daily Mail need to dig into hers as well free press, she started when that snake Andrew Morton so called royal autobiography digging for stories to write abt Meghan was on her show before all her scandals unfolds. Asking every personal questions whether Harry was Charles’s Son and many other intrusive questions.

    But of course under the fox banner franchise news owned by R Murdock politically minded so obviously she’s interviewed the prez that umbrella is giving her gravitas plus her eagerness to expose others affairs is the niche for her show.

    She puts Meghan on blast that she’s a wild card. Further says her DNA, meaning resume was within, she came looking for a job. The crowd laughs thinks that was funny. How is that a bad thing a college graduate which most ppl do after graduation look for a job.

    She’s also one of ten ppl that say they can’t stand Meghan and she doesn’t even know her. Just pure evil & hate for someone whose married twice now it’s all over with.

    This 54 yr old black woman a mother, drug addictive, gossip queen thinks exposing and mocking others affairs and cherish doing it will go scotch free. I say Karma never sleeps, plenty of work to do and still to do. What goes around will definitely come back around.

    She’s always bringing her own ppl down, no surprise, who knew her husband could put her into such turmoil and expose their private and personal epic scandal into the spotlight. She’s a piece of work very malicious. Others who support her behavior and wants to hear others stories think it’s her job so therefore someone needs to tell it. Not the aggressive way she does lying, paying for ppl who tell more lies. Her instructiveness and disrespect all for exposing others personal lives. Whether she tells it or not ppl will also do their own take

  2. Wendy said she was embarrassed about everything that was going on in her life, which is understandable. I love Wendy and wish her the very best.

  3. First of all she don't have to tell y'all shit about what's going on in her life that's her life that's her husband if she wants to stay there that's on her. She is a damn fool but that's on her

  4. You know what I think. I think that Wendy and Kevin has a deal with each other judge Mathis said she was bisexual so I think the deal is he can have a mistress which is sharina but to keep it on the down low no babies with the mistress/sidechick so Wendy can see women and Kevin could have his sidechick but things are kind of getting out of control. I think Wendy knew about sharina and that is why they are both using her illnesses to distract the public from their dirty marriage. Their marriage was over as long as he was seeing Sharina which is 10 years. This whole thing was planned out by Wendy and her husband. This is what I think. Why would he be buying sharina homes cars etc. She knew about sharina. The whole situation just came to light

  5. The only thing I can say is that its karma and karma is a bitch. You get what you put in and people get what they deserve. Maybe she shouldn't have thrown boulders while living in a glass house.

  6. If she real that he was having an affair is this such a shock because now she has had a baby how do you live with someone for 10 years and not know he's sleeping with someone else doesn't he come home to sleep with her he works with her where does he go she didn't ask

  7. Good job sis for bringing it a good story,I really think that she needs to go sit out for about a year and evaluate her life and get her self together I wish the very best even though she has hurt a lot of people , maybe she could come back with a show to help other people and women instead of having a show about gossiping on other people.

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